Late Christmas/ New Year swap anyone? :3


I'm just making a post to put it out there that I'd LOVE to partake in a Christmas swap!

I've been meaning to put this out but kept on pushing it back for reasons andddd now, it'd probably be a late Christmas/New Years swap since the post office gets ambushed during this time of year.

If you're interested in swapping, just leave a comment on this blog post or email me (it can be found in the "contact" thing up top) with the following:


 I'm not really picky about where you're located as long as you're able to get your hands on cosmetics that I can't. :3 
We can go over details through email~


  1. I'd love to participate, but unless you like things like natural hair products or different sweets I don't think you'd be interested in swapping with me (I live in Brazil). But anyway, good luck with your swap!

    1. I'm always interested in new things! Though I do also work around a lot of different brands of hair products as it is. xD I'm mainly interested in unique cosmetics or cosmetics that I can't get here in Florida. :3