[Sponsored Review] Snow White Costume


So, I've been super backlogged with my posts because I've just moved into a new apartment, I didn't have internet for a few weeks and my job is pretty demanding right now, haha.

I'm working on fixing it and I actually have a lot of stuff I want to blog about! (Like dragon*con, all my reviews, etc)

Also, I've been planning to change my blog background soon but still not sure what to change it to...
I've also been way to lazy to change my pictures to the "curved square" that I usually have so...idk if it really changes much, haha.

So, because this review has a deadline, I'm posting it first. :)
And since halloween is right around the corner, I figured "why not?".

A while ago I did a review on the costume Miss Whiplash for this company and you're able to review a costume every 3 months.
Unfortunately, you can only pick a costume $35 or lower so it does put a HUGE downer on it since most of the costume that low are blehhhhh.

Since most of the "smalls" are always too big, I decided to look specifically for a costume that had an XS size...and this is it!

I went back and forth with a few costumes but finally decided upon this one because it was super cute.
After I submitted the costume, I received it within that very week so they have VERY fast shipping. This surprised me because it is Halloween season and normally costume shops are slower because of that.

The costume arrived in a non-labeled grey package but when I opened ittttt~

The actual costume is packed in the generic plastic clear bag with a cardboard front with all the details on it. The package includes the costume itself and a red bow for your hair.

I IMMEDIATELY threw it on for pictures~
(Now remember, these pictures are of the costume STRAIGHT out of the bag so please excuse the wrinkles)

The costume fit surprisingly well! (Best worn with a push-up bra ;)

The back of the costume top is made out of a type of knit fabric which is a bit meh since it doesn't match the front, but I guess that's their way of trying to make it fit as many people as possible.

The skirt is a bright yellow costume satin and is EXTREMELY shiny (the front of the top is made of the same fabric as well). This is something you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want to iron. Steaming would be the best option to get the wrinkles out.

One of the main things I noticed about the skirt is that the end is uneven. One side of the skirt is longer then the other and it's just a little weird.

The bow is just a thin red satin bow attached to a plastic red headband so...pretty generic, haha.

I think my favorite thing about this costume is the collar. It's so adorable and I love that it really frames the neck and shoulders (and boobs, lol)

Overall I think it's decent costume for the price (especially if you're normally too petite for normal "smalls"). The fabric quality isn't the greatest, but for a halloween costume, it's not that bad.

If you're looking for a Snow White costume , this is a good one to start with. (The evil queen ones are also really nice/sexy looking~)

(All pictures are unedited. Also, I just moved so I've been playing with one of my white walls so lighting is a bit iffy every now and then. :/ Working out what time of day is best against this wall, haha)



  1. Bwahh, you always look so pretty! 8D I was literally just looking at snow white costumes, I've been obsessed with halloween lately haha. I do think this custome would be wayy too revealing for me, but its nevertheless really cute and pretty! :D Thank you for the review (and the tips on the skirt steaming thing! ^^)

    1. Thank you! =3= LOL. It was destiny!
      Halloween is a lot of fun! :) I usually go to a few costume stores just to try on costumes. xD

      The only revealing part is the bust area but it is pretty showy, haha. I'll actually be wearing this to work and wearing black tights underneath. xD

  2. Wow it definitely looks better with a push-up bra >__<