[Sponsored Review] ES 6 Color Contour Palette and Jealousness Diamond Beauty Lash Series

Hello again!

So, as promised, I'm starting to blog a bit more now since everything's settled down a bit on my end.
Sponsored reviews are easier to do at the moment since it's giving me a chance to play around with my whole set up for pictures and everything...plus I don't really have a life outside of work right now so there's not really anything to blog about...

I suppose I could have blogged about Dragoncon..but meh. xD Anyways! I bring to you a double review that was kindly sponsored by KKCENTERHK.

They generously sent me a few items to review so here they are!

First item up are the Jealousness Diamond Beauty Lash Series!

I stand behind the notion that the start of a great lash is a clear spine! I actually almost strictly wear clear banded lashes because they're normally the ones that are flexible, light weight and blend well (they're clear! DUH). You can find natural ones (once again, CLEAR, it blends well with thin or thick liner), more dramatic ones...actually...you can probably find any type of lash you'd want with a clear band.

            The Low Down:
-These lashes are pretty thick and feather out near the ends
-The base/spine is clear, light and flexible so they're very comfortable when worn
-This particular lash would look AMAZING with a cat eye because of how they flare out
-VERY long. I had to trim the lashes down twice to get them to fit properly (This of course depends on how you wear your lashes. Sometimes I like mine to extend out a lot more)

The Good:
Versatile lashes!
Clear band for easy blending
Light weight
Great for "Sexy" looks
Decently cheap since you get 8 pairs for USD18.99 (About 2.37 a pair)

The Bad:
Can only be found online for Florida buyers
Have to pay shipping
A little on the pricier side if you're used to buying pairs for $1


The next product up is the ES 6 Color Contour Palette!

As you can see, all the powders are pretty decently pigmented so...I'll just jump to what I have to say.

This palette is AMAZINGSAUCE.

Each powder can be used for several things. 
I'll break it down for you.


So, we'll talk about the white and the brown first.
The white I use for highlighting and the brown I use for contouring. Pretty simple.


Did you notice that one eye has a large dark bag underneath and the other has NADA?!
That, my beautiful readers, is the power of a salmon powder.
Seriously. Salmon concealer and powder is heaven sent for people with purple-y/blue-y under eye bags. (If you're having trouble determining which one is the salmon color, it's the first one on the bottom row underneath the white. :p)
But seriously. Take a fluffy brush and just lightly pat on the salmon colored powder and BAM. Under eye bags. GONE. (This will probably be better then some concealers for people with oilier skin..since it's a powder and all.)

So here's a quick list of how I use this palette.
White = Highlight
Brown = Contour
Salmon = Bags/ Undereye
Nude = All over Powder
Pinks = Blush

The Good:
CHEAP (USD15.67)
The powders are soft and silky
Perfectly Pigmented

The Bad:
You have to pay shipping?

Seriously. If you have to get a "face" powder palette. Get one like this. 
You have basically everything you need to accentuate your face. Word.

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