[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe 12 Blue

Hello all!

It's been busy, busy, busy for me since I'm packing for my big move!

Hopefully I'll have time to blog more when things settle down and I have new experiences. :3

We'll see!

Anyways, today I bring you a long overdue review of the gorgeous LUXURY BABE 12 's in Blue that was kindly sponsored to me by Apple Of Your Eyes

I have a love/hate relationship with blue lenses because they seem to be the ones that give me the most hope...and disappointment. Out of all lens colors, blue seems to be the color that shows up the least most of the time...

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LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL COLOR?! It's so pretty! Hopefully it's opaque and doesn't lose it's vibrancy when worn.

Basic details:
Diameter: 15.0mm
Base Curse: 8.6
Water content: 45%

The Luxury Babe 12's come packaged in a super cute box (which I'm assuming is the same for all Luxury Babe lenses) and then, the actual bottles have a really cute blue top, and pink sticker. I'm not positive if the blue is normal or if it's to co-inside with the color of the lens.

FAN.FREAKING.TASTIC. I absolutely LOVE the color. Blue lenses, no matter how "bright" the lenses look, tend to darken a lot when worn. This really puts a damper when you want light blue eyes.
Now, for cosplaying purposes, I've been looking for that perfect light blue lens and have come short constantly. These lenses absolutely did NOT disappoint. The color is opaque and bright with a mix of light blue and a honey yellow color. Shows up even in indoor lighting but, like most lenses, show up brightest in outdoor light and flash.

Super comfy! A few other people have said that they found these lenses to move around quite a bit but I didn't seem to have that problem with these lenses. 

Listed as 15.0mm, that sounds about right since it does enlarge but still looks natural. Because of this, it also has a neat "halo" effect when the lens goes over the white part of the eye.

Overall, this is an awesome pair of light blue lenses that photographs AMAZINGLY. You can use it for basically anything. Lolita, cosplay, gyaru, etc. 

(P.S. The super cute ear warmer/headbands were made by Country Momma Crochet )


  1. Whoa, these lenses look absolutely amazing! I try to stay away from blue lenses because they never show on the eyes, but this one... damn that's nice! *_____*

    Thanks for your review! :D Always looking forward to your posts. <33

    1. Thank you! Same here! I'm normally really disappointed when I get blue lenses for the same reason and I never understood how green ones of the same series were so bright..but the blue just got super dark. xD

      Thank you for following! I'll be posting a giveaway soon and people who've been following me for a while have a special section in it!