[Sponsored Review] Candylicious Hermes Brown

Hello all! I bring you today, another lens review! :D
Because I have a boring life and nothing else to really blog about right now! 8D

Alright, so. Apple Of Your Eyes kindly sponsored me again and sent me the Candylicious Hermes Brown lenses. I know recently I've been reviewing A LOT of brown lenses, but hey, I don't think you can ever have too many of a color since all the designers are so different.

Getting off track.

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Basic details:
Name: Hermes (K-12)
Diameter: 17.0mm (Real Diameter)
WC: 48%   BC: 8.6
Manufacturer: Dueba
Code: X4
Yearly Disposal

Apple of Your Eyes actually sent me two different lenses to review and they both have SUPER cute bottles. Obviously I'm reviewing this one first but you'll see what I mean when I show the other one also. The top of the bottle is a medium blue and the sticker that wraps around the bottle is sooo cute. Way cuter then just having the normal white top and stickers. 

As you can see, the brown color leans more on the yellow side instead of being a true brown.

I mentioned earlier that the color of these lenses are more of a yellow then a true brown but when worn with dark eyes, the color can look very honey like it certain lightings. The color itself is of a medium opacity but still very natural looking. Albeit there is that pretty thick limbal ring that makes it stand out even in indoor lighting.

VERY comfy. I normally don't have problems with wearing lenses and these proved no different. I had no problems wearing them for a day and I didn't notice any "sliding" either. Over-all a very comfortable lens. 

While these are listed with a "17.0mm" I don't think they're THAT large. I'd probably guess, at the most, they're a 15mm. With that said, these do enlarge quite a bit due to the large limbal ring that really gives a cute doll eyed look. Not that they look "fake" per say...but not exactly natural either. It's like when people draw or paint cartoon eyes and in order to define them they have a black outline. It's like that. Super cute though. :3


  1. Whoa - 17mm?! They don't look that big at all (and I can't go over 15mm ahaha)! You look really nice in them~ ^__^

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  2. You're just absolutely gorgeous. :)