[Sponsored Review] Sexy Halloween Costume Miss Whiplash (picture heavy)


I know I keep promising to be more active in blogging but honestly, nothing to blog-worthy has happened.

I graduated school (JUST GOT MY LICENSE IN THE MAIL! :D) and am looking for an esthetician job and planning on moving soon...but that's not really stuff I'd blog about since it'd be pretty boring.

Anyways, a little while ago I stumbled across a site that allows you to review halloween costumes!
You submit your blog to them and they review it to see if they'd like to have their stuff on your site, ask you what costume you'd like (under $35) and send it out to you!

Now...it's HARD to decide on costumes, even harder when you have a budget so, for my love of catsuits, I got one. :3

(Disclaimer? All of this is 100% my very own opinion. Even though I can be bribed..by candy...and brownies with ice cream...GAWD BROWNIES AND ICECREAM. SOO GOOOOOODDDD. Also..none of these pictures are photoshoped.)

The outfit came SUPER quick from Costume Discounters. Like..5 days after corresponding with the guy. It arrived in a large polymailer bag with their site on it (I have a love/ hate with these things. They're great because they're super hard to puncture and open during mailing...but they're super hard to open with your hands. T__T)

I got the smallest size they had which was a SMALL which translates to a US size 6-8.
Most "small" halloween costumes are around this size in order to fit as many people as possible. Pain in the butt, but I can't blame them.
The measurements they give you to go by are (in inches)
Bust: 34.5-35.5
Waist: 26.5-27.5
Hip: 37-38

This becomes a problem later. 

The catsuit is made of a metallic spandex material which is a bit shiny but in pictures it imitates a kinda..latex or pvc look I suppose.The fabric itself photographs really cool looking.

Now, I'd like to note that I DO have boots I could have worn with this but, I wanted to show how the bottoms were made also. (By this I mean, at the bottom of the pant leg where the ankle is, it has a piece of elastic that you loop either under your foot or under your shoe to keep the pants stretched so it doesn't wrinkle in the boots)

This is how the suit looks on me. Prettttttttyyyy biggg.
All my "holding out fabric" is with the fabric un-stretched to show just how big this is on me.

Here's some close ups of how loose it is on my legs also.

Now I must admit, it's my own fault for picking a costume that has the smallest size listed as "6-8" when I know I'm not close to a 6 even.

BUT! Don't let this turn you away from this outfit because it is tailorable. Meaning...I'll have NO PROBLEM taking it in. I'll sew up the sides and the legs and it'll fit just fine.

Besides the fit, this catsuit isn't that bad actually. I'd even compare it to a catsuit I had made for $90 once it's taken in.
The fabric is a little smoother and of higher quality on the $90 one but hey, I paid for that, haha.

NOW! Tips to make this catsuit fit YOU!
I read a few other reviews about how the catsuit doesn't fit the waist, etc.
Most bodysuit will do two things. Either smoosh things down (which I guess technically that means it's fitting your curves?) or it'll cause you to look a bit boxy. EASY FIX.
If the only place you're having a problem is the waist, get a cheap "fashion" corset on ebay (or if you're looking to splurge, get an actual corset!) and lace yourself up. Even if you have a really small waist already, a corset with a catsuit does wonders.

Now, if you happened upon the perfect catsuit for you where it fits your perfectly with no corset, GO YOU! I found one too! Though I do just enjoy how the corset looks...

Overall, it's a decent catsuit for the more curvier ladies out there. If you happen to be on the more petite side, you can always take up your sewing machine to take it in!

AND NOW, my "spy inspired" (not really) pictures!


  1. It's too bad about the sizing but at least you look amazing! I don't have the confidence to pull off a tight cat suit at all. LOL

  2. You look SUPER pretty!~ (Even in the pictures where it looks huge on you, hehe) ^^

    Btw, I've nominated you for the "Versatile Blogger Award" right here on my blog! Would love it if you could check it out. c:
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  3. wow so sexy http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/

  4. The sexy halloween costumes shown here are really remarkable. The costumes were perfectly and really look good. These are the best choice to have for Halloween.

  5. i really hope you ended up changing your mind because this costume looks like a trash bag on you. if you tailor something like this, you're practically modifying the entire costume which is completely moot.