[Sponsored Review] Vista 3 tone Brown


There hasn't really been much going on in my life..and I don't do anything except go to school...so there won't be any posts except for reviews until I actually do something exciting.

Scratch that, I did go to bellecon this past weekend....but that's about it. xD Pics to come later~

Anyways, Apple Of Your Eyes sent me these lenses to review for you and I finally got to them! The weekend I was going to review them, it was super rainy so I wasn't able to get any good pictures. :/
As always, I'm giving 100% my very own opinion.  :3

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These lenses come in a prescription of Plano (0) to -5.50
Listed as 16mm with a 48% water content.

Now that the basics are taken care of, I can jump into the real stuff.

The lens has (oh snap) 3 colors. The dark brown/black limbal ring, a honey brown color, and then an orange. 
The honey brown color ends up looking green when they're being worn which is actually pretty neat. The orange gets toned down to a reddish orange color. These lenses are more on the "natural" side wen it comes to coloring. Obviously it's in a natural color, brown, so it's not meant to do much color wise. Especially on dark eyes. But, that doesn't make these lenses less attractive. They're really gorgeous and opaque and give off a really nice medium brown color.

Super comfortable! I wore them all day and had no problem wearing them. No dryness or anything. And, this was after a super long weekend where I was wearing contacts constantly so the fact that my eyes didn't dry up from no rest is really something.

These are listed at 16mm and I believe that's about right. They're super cute and enlarge really well, especially with the limbal ring. They give a really cute and innocent look to the eyes. Great for when you want something! Puppy eyes instantly! ;D

Overall, these are great natural lenses that are comfortable for daily wear. Though, the green, blue and purple lenses from this series are only available in plano. :/ Bummer. I love me some blue and green lenses.


  1. The color of the lens is so pretty. I love how the brown is very noticeable but not overpowering. I can't believe that it's 16mm though. That's HUGE! It works well though because the design seems very natural. Thanks for the review!

    Btw, I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Feel free to participate or not. :)

  2. These looks absolutely beautiful on you! Wish I could pull off circle lenses as easily as you can. The color looks really pretty too!