[Sponsored Review] Vassen Diamond Three (3) Tone Brown and ES A506 Half Lashes

Hello ya'll!

So, I normally don't do this, but, I'll be combining two different sponsors into one post since I used both of them for this look!

LoveShoppingHolics kindly sent me a pair of Vassen Diamond 3 Tone Brown lenses to review for them! It seems my brown lenses are growing, haha. Hopefully next time I'll be able to get some greens or blues...anything other then brown, haha. Unless they're light brown...MAN, do you know how hard it is to find an opaque light blue lens? x___X

Getting side tracked. Ok.
KKCENTERHK, which is one of my favorite sponsors, sent me a second design of lenses with their last package to me. I really do appreciate them SO much for their continued support. :)


I'll start off with the lashes since it's a bit shorter then the lens review.

ES A506 5 Pairs Handmade Lashes~

The lashes come packed in a thin plastic box like...thing. This will be great for lash storage when all the lashes are used up, haha.

ES is normally a brand who has GREAT lashes...but these ones are just..."alright" to me.
Their base is a white nylon like rope. White. Not clear, or black...but white. WHICH MEANS, you have to cover the lash band with eyeliner or shadow in order for it to blend in.

Not the most convenient since I like to just pop them on without having to go over them again or prep them.

The lashes themselves are alright for "normal" looks but definitely not enough for gyaru makeup. Unless you're stacking of course.

The transition in the lashes is also a bit too long for me at the start of it. With these lashes, you normally try to blend them in with your actual lashes but you can definitely tell where they start on my eyes because the length changes drastically.

If you already have long lashes though these will be VERY natural on you.

(P.S. I stacked these lenses with another pair for the whole look. ;p)

Basic Info:
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.5mm

There are, of course, three different colors (not including black) in the lenses. A honey, a golden and a orange brown shade that go along with black to create a really neat "glass" look. Even though the design is complex, the lens still look fairly natural because of the color. Overall a really nice natural look.

Super comfy! I really haven't met many lenses that WEREN'T comfy...well...There's only been one series of lenses that have been uncomfortable to me and that was the super pinky, haha. 

The lenses are listed as 14.5mm so they enlarge just a tad bit it's definitely enough for the whole look! Super cute!

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