[Sponsored Review] ES A554 Handmade lashes Short to Long and Revlon Dark Lash Adhesive

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I know I've been kinda MIA because I started school, but, I should be getting back on track since school is slowing down with homework!

There's tons of reviews and just general posts that are waiting to be written so, here's a little list of the posts to come:
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I'm getting off topic...but I'm sure you guys are used to that. ANYDOODLE, today I'll be reviewing ES A554 lashes and Revlon Dark Lash Adhesive that were most graciously sponsored to me by KKCENTERHK.

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First up! The Revlon Precision Dark Lash Glue!

Most companies who produce lash glue make two different colors. A clear, which is your common white one that dries clear, and a "dark" or black.
I've used Revlon's clear lash glue before and it's one of my favorites to use. It's strong and durable plus it's easy to apply since it comes with a brush tip that's similar to a liquid eyeliner.

This is no different. It's the same exact product except dark. It comes with a long applicator with a brush tip for easy application and it's also latex free. 

Now, most "dark" lash glues look like a dark grey when first applied and dries into a black color...this lash glue looks black and dries black so it blends in with eyeliner. The only down side to black lash glue is that, if it gets on the eyelid at all, it'll be black instead of drying clear like the original glue.

Unfortunately for me, I haven't been able to locate this lash glue or the clear one in any stores near me. The times that I have found it, it was in a bin at the flea market. :/

This glue retails on their site for $9 with I admit is a bit of a stretch since most lash glues cost around $6 for a tube if not less. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love this lash glue and it's pretty great...but if you don't find it on sale, I wouldn't bother since you have to pay shipping as well.


On to the lashes! (Which I used the lash glue with)

These lashes are SUPER cute. They can be used for casual looks, glamourous, blah d' blah, but also for the super dolly gyaru look (which is the one I normally go for...not really).

The lashes have a clear band for easy blending and are very flexible. Though, with the way they're packaged, you definitely have to roll the lashes a bit since the shape that it's stuck in is a little awkward. Not too big of a problem though. :3 Easily fixed.

Like their description, the lashes start out as shorter and sparse and gradually go into a denser, longer lash that gives a super cute wing effect. 

Here's the low down on the lashes!

Comes in a pack of 10
Goes with any look
Clear band
Super cheap when compared to lashes that cost $3-5 a pair!

Currently sold out
Has a weird shape when first taken out of the package
Have to pay shipping

If you're interested in purchasing anything on the site, you can use my coupon code for 10% off!
Code: Mikichi


  1. Love the lashes on you. <3 I expected it to look too natural but it actually shows up really well in your pictures. I've seen the Revlon lash glue a long time ago but never tried it before. Now I'm rather curious since I'm running out of my current product. Thanks for the review! :)

    1. Thank you!
      Definitely try the lash glue if you can find it in person! It's a great lash glue...but not really worth it if you have to pay the product cost PLUS shipping. :/