[Review] Mehron Celebre HD Pro Foundation Palette


I haven't really had time to blog recently because of school, so this is me trying to get caught up at random moments during the day.

So, because I started going to school to hopefully lead into being a MUA, I figured I should start collecting items for my kit. 

This is one of the most important pieces in my kit so far. 

I did a lot of research to see which foundations, palette or not, would be the best bang for my buck since I'm just starting out. Now, I in no way wanted to skimp since foundation is the base for the face, (HA. BASE FOR THE FACE) but I did want to get as much out of it as possible. Then came this beaut.

This is Mehron's Celebre HD Pro Foundation Palette.
It includes 20. YUP. 20. Full sized foundations.

This palette retails for about $180 in a few stores including CameraReadyCosmetics and CherryCulture (which is where I got it). At the time, it was on sale for $160, so I snatched it up! 
The awesome thing about this palette is you don't have to buy a whole new palette when you run out of a color! Since these are full sized foundations, you can just buy the shade that you've used up and they're only about $9 a pop!

I got it at a discounted price PLUS free shipping~ CRC also gives a pro-discount which I think would make it the same amount. Since I just started school, I can't apply for the pro-discount just yet. :/ Poo.

BUT JUST YOU WAIT! I'll apply for ALL the discounts, haha.

Here's some swatches of the different shades. Some of them I haven't played around with much (mainly the darker shades) so I can't tell you much about them, but, here's the basics.

This is a cream foundation that's buttery smooth. Seriously. It's so creamy and applies flawlessly. 
It's opaque so you don't NEED concealer. It's at your discretion though. :)

My preferred method of application is a damp sponge (beauty blender style). When applied correctly, this foundation gives you a flawless but natural look. 

The foundation (at least the lighter shades) stay around the neutral side. Some of them are on the pink/yellow side but for the most part, are very neutral colors that can match almost anyone.

These are rough outlines of the first two rows of shades. Now, remember that these are my personal findings and may not be fully "correct". Also, I mentioned that I believe that ALL the lighter shades (since they're the only ones I've worked with so far) lean on the neutral side SO when I say "neutral" I mean they're almost a complete split to my eye.

LT1- Cool (Pink undertone)
LT2- Neutral but slightly on the pink side
LT3- Warm (Yellow)
LT4-  Haven't played with much

ME1- Warm (yellow). My chosen shade. Matches almost exactly with MUFE 125 which is a neutral.
ME2- Neutral but a bit more on the pink side. This is what originally matched my skin PERFECTLY on swatch, but, when blended out, it became a pinker shade.
ME3- Cool
ME4-Haven't played with much

I know that's not much of a help so, when I play with them more, I'll update this with more accurate information.

And, just for reference, I use ME1 for all over and LT3 for highlighting. I've used ME2 for all over but it makes me look like I have a fake tan so I have to lighten it a bit.


  1. I use MUFE 117, it is slightly too light on me, but the MUFE 125 makes me look orange/fake tan. Sephora says I am MUFE 117 and MAC says I am nc25.. what Mehron color would match those? Thanks!

    1. Are you matching to your face or to your neck?
      Matching to your neck will make everything look like it goes together but it can tend to make your face either lighter or darker since the face is normally lighter in color.

  2. Can you blend these to get the right shade?

  3. Can you please label the colors on the swatches? im trying to find my shade :)