[Sponsored Review] Buty Color 10 Pair and ES 10 pair lower lashes

Hello muffin cakes!

I'm a few blog posts behind so I'm trying to catch up~

Starting with this sponsored review!

KKCENTERHK generously sponsored me two boxes of lashes!
Now, normally I would have an OH SO ADORABLE picture of my face righttt here (LOL) ---->
But I've been prepping for school (starts in 2 days!) so I've been a little all over the place. BUT! That doesn't mean the review is any less awesomeee~ And in any case, the picture is a lot more to the point..since it's a giant eye.

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So, the first box I'd like to review is the ES 10 pair lower lashes! These ones really caught my eye because they can make a dramatic look or a natural look!

The lashes come packed in a sleek, shiny, black, cardboard box with each lash taped on both sides with little gold stickers.

Removing the lashes is super easy since the manufacturers leave extra clear band for the stickers to hold on to. This is also the area that you snip off before applying. :)

NOW! These lashes are great multi-taskers. 
You can wear them as top lashes (like the pictures below) for an absolutely BEAUTIFUL natural look. Just enough volume and density to pump up the look of your lashes but still toned down enough to seem completely natural and blend in.

What especially helps the blending in is the clear band that they used to make the lashes. It's flexible and, when applied, blends in seamlessly.

They're so beautiful and natural and these may be my favorite natural lashes to use for barely there looks. LOVE <3
DID I MENTION? The price is pretty spectacular.

If you're like me, you're tired of spending $3-5 on ONE PAIR of lashes. WELL, these lashes are $14.01 for 10 pairs! That's basically $1.40 a pair! :3 SQUEE

GREAT price
Clear, flexible band
Great for natural and dramatic look
Can be used as top lashes and bottom lashes
Light weight

You have to pay shipping (seriously..that's it)


Second item to review is~ BUTY COLOR LASHES

I'd first like to note...the box is so adorable. I don't know if you guys could tell..but my favorite color is PINK. So a pink box is directly playing on my heart strings.

Now, lash talk. These lashes are made on a black band and have the "pointy" look that I see a lot of gyaru lashes have. That's actually the main reason why I requested them, haha. I really love the gyaru look so I figured I would play around with these.

These lashes are pretty dramatic when you put them on. No layering necessary here.

There's something really cute about these lashes and I can't really put my finger on it...they really add this adorable dolly look with their "points".

They hold their shape a lot better then the bottom lashes (the bottom ones don't hold curve easily which explains the bottom picture with it as a bottom lash)

I can't say much for the price since they're listed as "sold out" on their site. >.< But I'm going to guess that they're around the $10 range. :3

Light weight
Holds Shape
Cheap lashes but brand shape

Currently sold out
Have to pay shipping

Thanks for reading! :D

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  1. I'm in <3 with the second pair!! The first pair look super natural but I like the Gyaru Dramatic look so i'm biased towards the spiky lashes lol