My Zuca Sports Pro

Alright guys!
So, I haven't blogged in a little while….I've been decently busy and just haven't had the time…plus I was super sad because no one has been commenting on my blog recently. LOL

Anyways, I'm currently on a plane to Fort Lauderdale as I type this and gawdddd I hate planes. Not even just planes but more of the…feeling of falling. Free falling if you will. It's for the same reason that I hate roller coasters. I just hate the falling feeling.
When we were taking off I couldn't help but hold my breath and wait until we actually go into the air before I released it.

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About 2 weeks ago, I planned a trip down to Ft. Lauderdale to see my photographer friend Kendra and to have a few shoots before I headed to Orlando.

Since I want to pursue a career in the makeup world, I need to start my portfolio ASAP since I think it's pretty ridiculous to start it after you get your license. I mean, really? A lot of people recently (in my area) have been getting on to MUAs not having a license. While this is great and you shouldn't work on someone for compensation without one, I think it's stupid that they feel you should start ONCE you get your license. You need to build your craft and practice before being able to charge. 
Since I'll be starting school this month, I figured I'd take that leap and start building my kit.

The very first thing I bought was a new makeup case. I can have all the makeup necessary but if I don't have any way to transport it, how is that going to help me?

So, I searched online for a few options. I came across sites such as yazmo, zuca, etc. Originally I was going to purchase a hard train case but after searching the web, I decided against it for the weight alone. I'm not that big of a girl so I'd prefer to keep things as light as possible. Next on the list was a soft case. They had tons of nifty compartments and drawers and I was SO tempted. But…depending on how I travel, I wouldn't be able to take it with me.

Then I came to the one that I was fighting against. The zuca. The only reason I was against it was because of the cost. The pro zuca was $300! X___X
I debated against myself for quite a few days before I made my decision.

If it was going to last, why not? I could spend it now and never have to replace it. It's an investment, sure. But if it would last me a few years, I'm okay with that.

I wanted to go with the sport simply because it came in cute patterns. Unfortunately, you can't fly with it as a carry on. That meant a lot because you can't really trust check-ins to be gentle with fragile luggage. Seriously. The guy who checked my luggage in tossed my luggage down onto the conveyer belt. Made me pretty angry since my shoes were there…>>

Anyways, I decided upon the zuca sport pro. It cost me $255 which is cheaper ten the original pro. The differences?
The Zuca pro artist comes with clear vinyl bags in order to see what's inside.
The pro sport comes with 5 travel bags. That basically means it's like..a nylon and has a mesh cover so you can still see what's's just not completely clear. I can live with that.

PLUS! It came in a dusty pink color. I bought mine off of amazon since the zuca site no longer had it…even though the day before it did.

Here's the stats from the site for this bag:

  • Aluminum alloy frame is light, super strong and rated to safely support 300 pounds
  • 41" telescoping handle
  • Removable, Washable, Replaceable insert bag is made from water repellent ballistic nylon and coated with water repelling polyurethane.
  • The 4" polyurethane wheels absorb shocks and make for a seriously silent ride. And because each wheel is recessed, the bag slides into overheads without a shove or grunt.
  • Length + width + height = 42" Total, within FAA requirements



Here's some pictures of mine!

I was able to put all of my makeup in this (except for my creams and liquids of course since I had to check them in)

But! After I finished flying and was able to unpack and re-pack, I ended up having tons of extra space that I don't know what to do with… x__x

So now, as I finish this up, I'm currently repacking everything AGAIN. I just got back from Orlando for megaton and picked up some nice lip palette containers that I'll be melting my lipsticks into…so it'll make it even more roomy!

Tons of behind the scene photoshoot stuff coming up! :D

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