Behind the Scenes: Creative Week

This past week has been MAJORLY busy.

I had a jam packed week of photoshoots in Miami and Wellington, and then during the weekend, I was attending Megacon in Orlando.

This post is picture heavy so I'll be putting all of it under a cut (which I normally do anyways :3)

(I'll be making a separate post for Megacon even though I didn't take many pictures. :/ I forgot my camera in my hotel room and it's about a 5-10 minute walk that I didn't feel like taking. xD)

The day started out pretty early since this was my first time flying alone.  I've always flown with my parents on trips to Hawai'i so I knew what to do...but was still slightly nervous.

I'm also not too good on flights since the feeling of falling doesn't sit well with me, haha.

Anyways, I flew down to Ft. Lauderdale last sunday to start off a creative week with Kendra Paige and the flight went pretty well. It was only an hour long so not bad...though they did lose my luggage briefly which made me a bit anxious. Other than that, everything went swimmingly. :)

That sunday, after the drive to her house, we decided to officially start the week with an "Evil Queen" look. Kendra was looking to try out the fog machine outside to see if it would work (spoiler: it didn't xD) and I wanted to get some neat-o moody shots.

Once Upon A Time has been a HUGE love of mine since it started and Regina's outfits are really spectacular so I wanted to get that kind of feel. She also made me cry. LOL

The next day, we had a new model over to help start her portfolio. It was actually the very first model that Kendra worked with who decided to try and pursue a modeling career.

She's also the very first "official" model I did makeup on! We had three looks, natural, glamourous and a cat eye.

They were all headshots so I can't wait to get those pictures to put in my MUA port!

The next day, we received the steampunk wardrobe so we decided to play around with it~
The outfit I'm wearing is actually a different one then the one that I was placed with for the official shoot.
We did some pretty neat headshots with this outfit that I can't wait to get!
Later on, we did some natural headshots for me and the purple look you see in the beginning of the post.
That was probably my favorite portrait shoot that we did that week so I'm hoping to get a few more pictures from that.

Wednesday, we had a SUPER exciting day. 
That morning I had woken up feeling ill and nauseas but after sleeping on the car ride to Miami, I felt a lot better.
We were collaborating with a store in Miami, Rupees Sarees, at Viscaya. Viscaya is this GORGEOUS garden and museum that absolutely took my breath away.


They dressed me in two different Sarees that were AMAZING. So beautiful.
Hopefully we'll be able to get published!

Thursday was the big steam punk shoot. Some cool shit happened, yo.

Kendra hired a MUA and as usual, this made me nervous. I've always had bad experiences with MUAs and this one was..meh.
The eye makeup was beautiful. The best I've had done. The lips were great as was the contouring and everything. 
The only flaw (albeit a pretty big one) was the color matching.
I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture...but my foundation was way to warm for my skin and was about 1-2 shades darker.
On the top right picture, you can see that my chest area is a lot more "creamy" looking than my that was under yellow lighting so imagine it when my chest isn't tinted from the lighting. It was pretty horrendous. I'd like to note to everyone, I AM NEUTRAL TONED. I HAVE BOTH YELLOW AND PINK UNDERTONES.

Friday of course, I headed to Orlando for megacon!

Thanks for reading. :3

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