[Sponsored Review] Hyatt Beauty Lash Queen Mascara and Nilina Crystal Eyelashes 15

Hello again!

Here's another review that was generously sponsored by Uniqso!

They sent me circle lenses (reviewed right before this) along with mascara and a pair of fake eyelashes! I figured the circle lenses should be reviewed by itself and these two would go along with each other quite well.

Though I admit these were taken the same day, haha.

:X I like to do tons of reviews in the same day..but I often get lazy half way through and put them off... Bad blogger!

Then again...I think I'm doing pretty good at updating!

Probably won't last when I start school again though. x_X

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First product up for review is the Hyatt Beauty Lash Queen Mascara!

If you haven't noticed, I've been playing around with my product background..things. I really liked the pink I was using but I'm going to make my own soft box so I can try out a white background. These were just taken against a white box, haha.

ANYWAYS. This is a fiber mascara! Fiber mascaras are basically formulated with tiny little "hairs" that, when applied, "attach" to your lashes cause them to lengthen and thicken.

Since I have sad asian lashes, most mascaras don't do much for me. They normally thicken, sure. Lengthen? You beta'cha...but they don't hold curl for nothing. What's the use of thick long lashes when they're droppy? NO USE AT ALL.

I applied this mascara WITHOUT using an eyelash curler.
I could see the little fibers working right away!

One thing I want to note, do NOT use this if you're already wearing falsies. The fibers can latch on to them and look very messy. If you're going to use this, apply false lashes on afterwards. :)

This was after one layer. Not bad at holding my lashes up but there's not much thickening or lengthening.

This shows the lengthening on one side.

Overall, this isn't a bad mascara. Not the best..but not bad. This mascara retails for $10.60 USD which is about the same price as other drugstore brands.

Holds curl well
Easily removed with makeup remover
Decent price

Doesn't lengthen or thicken very well
Can't apply on False Lashes

Second up for critique is the Nilina Crystal Line Eyelashes!

I've reviewed it's sister products number 27 and 1 before and this has the same thick clear band as those two.

The design of this one is a lot more natural then the others and flair out slightly at the outer ends.

I really like natural lashes...but something about these ones were just TOO natural. I loved the length and wispy-ness of them but I think that they need to be just a TAD bit denser to make them show up well.

Up close it's fine. You can see them. But when you wear them for pictures (which is mainly why I where lashes) they seem to disappear.
For the cara blue review, I actually combined these lashes and a more dramatic one to create the ones that I wore.

They do have a cute romantic look when you're up close though. I give them that, haha.

Flexible Band
Romantic wispy feel
Light weight


Hopefully my review was helpful!

Thanks for reading!

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