Review: MUA Lipsticks 1,12,13,14,15

I mentioned in my last post that I received my MUA package finally~
 (on the site they said that you can't report it as "missing" unless it's been 35 days. 35 DAYS! 
D: Glad mine came in after about 3 weeks. :3) 

I was SUPER excited to get my MUA package a few days ago and jumped right into trying everything out. All of these lipsticks normally sell for about $1.50 but I got them 50% off! :D

I'm on my way to building my makeup kit so I wanted to try to stock up on lipsticks to melt into a palette. I really love to buy tons of colors...but I end up only using a few, haha. I normally don't wear any colors except a nude pink or red unless I'm just taking pictures of something. xD 

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The shades I purchased were
(In order of swatches from left to right)
14 Bare
15 Juicy (On the actual lipstick it said 16 Nectar but it had a sticker on it saying I'm really not sure what color it actually is)

In the following pictures, you'll see the lipstick and the bottom of the lipsticks!
The bottom of the lipsticks have a little "window" for you to see the color but it actually holds quite a bit of product! You can just unscrew it to get to the product. :3

1. Shade 1 is a beautiful medium/dark plum red. It photographs a bit lighter then it is which is a bit sad since it's a really awesome color in tube. It still looks nice though! I just have better "dark plum red"s. 
The texture of this is really nice though. It glides on smoothly and has awesome pigmentation, a little goes a long way and I just love how moisturizing it feels. 

2. Shade 13 is your normal bright red lipstick. It has the same amazing formula and texture that causes it to just glide on. A little goes a long way with this one too. I love red lipsticks. 

3. Shade 15 is a bright coral pink shade. This color is WAY too bright for me to wear. It's almost neon colored but I think I can tone it down with a bit of colored gloss. If only the formula wasn't crappy.
This lipstick seems to go directly into the lines in your lips and it applies splotchy. 

4. Shade 12 is a shimmery medium coral pink. That I hate. I didn't realize it was shimmery and now I'm just sad. xD The formula is fine...I just don't like the color.

5. 14 Bare is a lovely nude pink. It leans on the beige side when looking at it..but when applied it's pink-ish. :3 This is probably my favorite lipstick of them all since it's a really nice nude lipstick for me. Especially paired off with their lipgloss "sealed with a kiss". 

So, I like 3/5 lipsticks. Not bad! Especially since I could only go by online pictures. And my lipstick palette doesn't have to be exactly 100% colors that I like. Lol

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