[Review] Lorac Pro Palette + Swatches

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I have a few posts backed up...but I'm pretty lazy sometimes or I just don't know how to finish them off...SORRY!

Anyways, a few posts back, I wrote about a swap that I did with a girl in Cali and I mentioned that I would review a few of the products! Well, here's a review of my FAVORITE product that I received and I can really see it becoming a staple in my kit.

Recently I've been doing a very..."natural" look. A soft smokey brown eye (in 2 ways) which is used a lot for "bridal" but I think it's just a nice every day but still glamourous look.


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I've read a lot of reviews about this palette and a lot of people actually prefer it over the Naked palettes. Surprising? Meh~

It's a pretty decent sized little palette, the eyeshadows are about the size of a nickel...but in a square shape.

The top row are all matte shades and currently my favorites to use are White, Cream, Taupe, Sable and Espresso.
The bottom row are obviously all shimmery. SO far my Favs from that are Champagne and Lt. Bronze.

The eyeshadows are soft and velvety but they're aren't packed in there too much so I can't imagine there being TONS of product in there when compared to an eyeshadow that's really packed in there.

Some of them swatch a little powdery but it's not bad at all when applied to the eye and you get little to no fall out. The shimmer shadows have no problems with being powdery though.

The palette costs about $42 and comes with a sample of Lorac's behind the scenes eye primer which is really nice.

I could definitely see myself purchasing this palette again..though I see it also as a  bit of a waste since I doubt I'll use a lot of the colors in it.

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  1. I think a lot of the colors are actually quite nice! Especially how you did your eyemakeup, some of the colors seems to pop pretty well and looks great. Thanks for the review! :D