Project Illustrious: Winter Palace Promenade (+ MUA haul)

Hello lovelies~
This past week has been...hectic. Not only was it Valentine's day, but I also celebrated my bf's birthday (which was actually 2 weeks ago) and went to one of my friends events.

Last year I was invited to her birthday event and had a really great time so I figured I'd go to this one!
Her birthday event was by invite only but the WPP was open to the public. One of their main goals or..missions, is to "bring fancy back".
A lot of people nowadays seem to not fully comprehend "dressing for the occasion" and wear jeans to a ball or something of that standard and that's really not acceptable.
They're hoping to bring back the tradition of dressing up by hosting these types of events.

The picture to the right is actually of a Dance Card. A dance card is basically..well..a card with the names of the "main" songs. As an ice breaker, you try to find dance partners for each song and have them sign their name under it. You'll see more details on it later. Super pretty though, yes?

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I didn't have a dress. I've worn all of my long dresses several times and really needed a new one. So, my poor boyfriend drove me around ALL over town trying to find a dress that was in my price range (which was only $50 and that's only if I LOVED it, haha).

We went to several consignment shops, thrift stores, good will, the mall, etc, and NONE were coming up with anything.
It seems prom is all about who can show the most skin now. Which is sad. The only things in stock were ugly hi-low dresses, stretchy cut-out dresses and just overall ugly ones.
I had given up hope. We took a lunch break.
Now, on the way back, there was a thrift store down the street from my house that we stopped at even though I thought I wouldn't find anything.

Scoured the dress rack and almost gave up complete hope when...BAM. A beautiful black dress appeared. It needed a bit of work since the hips flared out quite a bit but I was happy with it.

ONLY $20. ;D
The only down side...the collar is hella itchy...which I can ignore for a long time..but still..
and..the slit. xD It's VERY high so I have to put something on my lap when I sit in order to not flash people. xD

Now really. Look at the front top detail.

The back was also fully sheer and beaded. GAWD it's gorgeous. It gave me a very..."evil queen/ Once upon a time" vibe, haha.

I really didn't know what kind of make-up to do since it was all last minute (had to hem the dress and take it in) so I just did a simple brown smokey eye and a dark red lip. The color was actually more gradient dark red/red with a slight purple/plum tint..but it photographs red. :(

Alright! So there were about 3 pages (technically 6) in the dance card but this was the main pages.
They list the main 10 songs and have a line underneath that your partner signs. I like keeping these things of memory books/boxes or something. I also didn't dance that night. xD

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a HUGE food junkie. I love food. I love eating. xD
The event was held at a Hyatt and they supplied the food and staff and..OMNOMNOM. The stuffing was SO good. I think the stuffing and beef were my favorite but the turkey wasn't bad either. Very Thanksgiving-y. Delicious food though. 

At the end of the day, my bf and I left a bit early since we were both pretty tired from running around all day and everything. By early...the event was 4 hours and we stayed 3, haha. 

I can't wait to wear this dress again! And to go to another event like this..maybe on my next cruise I'll wear it, haha. 



Last month MUA (makeup academy) had an AMAZING sale. It was 50% off of EVERYTHING and free international shipping. 

I've been wanting to try this brand for a long time as well as Sleek and Gosh (waiting for a sale xD)
so I'm super excited. 

I purchased their Heaven and Earth Palette.
Matte Perfect Loose Powder in Translucent
Fixing Mist
Lip Liner in Brooding Plum
Eye Primer
Intenses Lip Gloss in Sealed with a Kiss
6 Lipsticks ( 2 in Bare, 1, 15...and I forgot the other two. xD)
And finally, 2 Sweet Kiss and 2 Sugar lips Lip balms.
(The last two may or may not be in my 100 follower giveaway whenever I get there~ ;D)

Hope you liked this post! :D

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