Behind the Scene: Comic Photoshoot

Hello cupcakes~

A few saturdays ago (it's was the 2nd, haha) I was booked for a 4 hour shoot for three looks. (Or as many as I could actually fit in that time)

The photographers wanted some cosplay looks but I felt it was safer to probably go for Western characters instead of eastern. (By that I mean American characters over Characters from Animes and stuff lol)

I've really been itching to get Psylocke out of the closet (She's my all time fav comic character. >>) ETHER WAY, I picked her and poison ivy since they're my most recent costumes that I haven't gotten TONS of pictures in.

I really couldn't think of a third character to do since I still haven't even started on Elektra...or Cheshire...or Tinkerballa...and Catwoman and Black cat still aren't done. X___x I know...I'm slacking...but fabric is so expensive! Especially with everything I have going on right now. :/

Hopefully I can catch a sale or something. :)

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Getting back on track. One of the photographer brought a female Kato costume that his wife wore for halloween. Cool. We decided to start with that since I could go for my Psylocke smokey eye with it and then add the red design when I change into Psylocke.

This was my set up for Saturday.
It'll be changing shortly sinceeeee~ I'll be going to school to be a MUA! Well...not "technically" because "technically" there is no license for MUA. You can get a cosmo license or an aesthetics license, etc. But when people go to MUA schools they get a certificate. I'll be getting an license so I won't be JUST stuck to being an MUA...even though I'll be focusing on that, haha.
But yes! My whole kit will be changing since I'll be buying loads more stuff and I'll get a whole new case. :D WOOOO.

The costume fit decently well for a party city costume, haha.

We shot in Kato for about an hour, getting the lighting right and such. The look that they really wanted to get to was Psylocke though. (Cause ya'know...Psylocke is awesome xD)

(P.S. in the actual pictures, my tatas look pretty small. THEY'RE NOT. I mean..they're not the biggest...but they're not that flat. I wear a body suit underneath outfits like this and they tend to flatten out the butt and tatas since they're for dancing. Just thought I'd note that...for myself. LOL
In the very first picture you can actually see the top of the bodysuit underneath the spandex...I'll pull that down next time xD)

Psylocke was the look that probably took the most time. We spent well over an hour shooting it since they had tons of ideas and poses they wanted me to try. I especially liked the fan blown hair since it gives a kinda..actiony feel that I'm hoping to recreate in future shoots.

The last look was POISON IVY!
Which I didn't get any pictures of because we were on a time crunch
(Did I mention I was doing all of my own make-up and stuff? And one of the boot covers for Psylocke is QUITE a pain in the ass to get on over the boot. :( )
I also had to wash off ALL my make-up so I could start over on hers. :/ Poo~

I'm really hoping that I'll be able to shoot Psylocke in a larger studio since there was a harsh light on my leg in most of the shots thanks to the studio being so cramped and the poses I had to make were pretty wide....if that makes any sense at all. xD

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