[Sponsored Review] Stella 3 tone Violet + Haul


Here I am with another review!

These lenses have been graciously sponsored to me by Apple Of Your Eyes for your viewing needs!

Now, even though they're sponsored, you can rest assured that all of this is 100% MY OWN opinion.
No funny business here~

(Btw. I wanted to go for an "Evil Queen" kind of look because I LOVE Once Upon a Time and Regina's make-up and outfits are always SPOT ON. Plus she might be my favorite character...after Rumple of course, haha.)


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These lenses are the Stella (Also known as Blizzard) 3 tone in Violet.
They're 15mm in diameter and have a water context of 42%.

These lenses aren't super bright so if you're looking for some BAM color, these aren't for you. They still show up as violet but you have to be in a well lit area for them to show up. 
These lenses, from outside to in, start with a thin line of dark brown/black and fade into a light violet which then fades into a light hazel color. They blend in pretty well and if it wasn't violet and say...brown, they'd probably look super natural.

I had a weird time with these...they were comfortable and I could wear them for a while..but when I first put them in, my right lens kept moving around and I could feel it every time I blinked. It corrected itself after a while so my eye could have just been overly wet, but I'm not positive.

It's listed as 15mm and that's about right. It does enlarge but it's not overwhelming, if you want something a bit more on the natural side but still have a noticeable enlargement, these should be fine for you.

Overall, if you're looking for a comfortable,not-to-bright pair of violet lenses that won't overwhelmingly enlarge, these are perfect. It's a very subtle coloring that you'll enjoy.

The kmart near my house is closing down so all of their makeup was marked down 60%...unfortunately all of the foundation was gone...all that was left was mainly lip products. BUT NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! 8D
I ended up picking out 8 lip products (3 lipsticks,2 lip glosses,2 lip balms and a lip color remover that I've never seen before), 2 concealers, a Revlon blush, some eyelash glue and a creme paint palette from Wet N' Wild. 
Everything cost about $40 which isn't too bad since some of these lip products are priced ridiculously at $7+. The best priced item was the paint palette since it was only .89! xD I'll be posting reviews of a few of these things but probably not all of them, haha. 

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