[Sponsored Review] Solone Magic Waterproof eyeliner & ES 10 Pair bottom lashes

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The products being reviewed were graciously sponsored by KKCENTERHK ,but, as always, all of the following is 100% my own opinion-o. 

(I'll also be posting some behind the scenes stuff for some photoshoots later this week! ;D)

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First product up for review is~

The packaging. 
The packing of this really makes my super girly side tingle. It's sparkly and pink!
Plus it's super easy to open. The back side of it, which is cardboard type paper, has a small slit in the side that, when folded slightly, opens up and you can easily separate the back from the front plastic. It comes off in one sweep!

The pencil itself is the plastic kind...similar to a nyx jumbo pencil where the main part of it is plastic.

The very first picture above is a swatch of the product by itself. Super creamy and soft so that it doesn't pull on the eyelids. It's a decently dark black that actually compares to a cream eyeliner.

The second snap shot is a comparison swatch picture of 3 other eyeliners. 1 gel liner, 1 liquid and another pencil. 1 of them claims to be waterproof and it actually is...when it's not doused and rubbed furiously.

First, I smudged them dry and the 3rd picture is the results. The 4th and 5th pictures are the eyeliners being water tested! Water dropped on and rubbed in. As you can see! All of the eyeliners had some wear and tear to them. One is completely gone in fact! The only one that remains strong is the solone eyeliner! It's kept most of the line in tact with just slight feathering on the ends and a bit of the color is gone. But for the most part, it's definitely there.

This product runs for $10.05 on the site and I think that's a pretty decent price. I know there's great eyeliners out there for cheaper but if you compare it to "waterproof" eyeliners from (The American Market) Revlon, Maybelline, etc, etc, I think this one blows them out of the water. 

The Good:
SUPER Waterproof. Pretty sure this will last if you go swimming.
Soft and Creamy
Great Pigmentation 
Perfect black pencil eyeliner

The Bad:
Only available through the site
You have to pay shipping
You have to sharpen the plastic pencil

LOVE IT! Super waterproof AND smudge proof! The pencil itself is creamy and soft and doesn't pull on the eyelids. This is basically the perfect black eyeliner from what I can tell.


Second item isss~

These lashes come packaged in a plain glossy black box. Very sleek and simple.

The lashes are attached to the back by the little gold stickers and the lashes themselves actually have extra length for clear liner so that it's attached to so that it's easy to slip out since the stickers aren't on any of the actual lashes.

The lashes are very flexible and light which is actually surprising since a lot of 10 pack lashes have a thick band. BUT! The kind that are the easiest to fit to your eye shape are the flexible ones.

The best way to go about applying bottom lashes is using CLEAR glue and trimming the lashes to about 3/4s of the length.

I cut the bottom lashes to about 3/4s of the length so that I could blend the lashes into the inner corner ones. The best thing about clear bands is that they become virtually invisible when applied correctly.

The whole box of lashes cost $10.65.
THAT'S BASICALLY $1 PER PAIR. Well... 1.06. That's still a darn good price compared to certain brands that cost $17+ for 2 pairs.

The Good:
Great quantity and quality for the price
Flexible band
Clear band for easy blending.
Criss cross pattern makes them look like natural lashes

The Bad: 
Available only on KKcenterHK
You have the pay shipping
Bottom lashes are somewhat difficult to get the hang of

Great lashes for normal wear and even learning how to use them since you have so many and clear bands are more forgiving then black ones.

In case you feel the urge to make some purchases~
You can use the code : Mikichi
for 10% off of your total!

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