[Sponsored Review] Nilina Crystal Line Eyelashes #27


Sadly...my photo shoot that was scheduled today had to be postponed since the photographer got a cold...BUT! That means I was able to get this review going~

I've been wanting to do more...colorful and dramatic looks for my reviews (I started with my last post) so this is my continuation!

The lashes in this review were sponsored by the amazing UNIQSO~

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The lashes come packaged in a flimsy clear box. Pretty simple and it actually might come off as a cheap product. With cheap lashes, you always have to worry about the bands being stiff and not being able to bend to the shape of your eye.

Don't always let packaging turn you away from great products.

These base of these lashes is a clear band, but, instead of being a thin flexible band, these are based around a thin long rectangle shaped base. It's a bit different but it still works.
When I pulled the lashes of at first, the last two knobs actually stretched out! It was pretty funny and luckily I need to trim them to fit anyways so those two knobs weren't missed.

I really feel that lashes are one of THE main keys to completing a whole look. They bring everything together and can make or break the look.

The lashes are BEAUTIFUL. Very natural looking and they blend into your natural lashes super well.

Cheap quality lashes. Plain and simple. ONLY $3.90! The criss cross patten makes the lashes look very natural when you're wearing them and blend flawlessly into your own lashes after apply mascara. They're light and flexible for easy application also~

I've wanted to try out glitter brows for a while now and finally got around to doing them. They're pretty easy...but you need to work fast since the glue dries quickly, haha. I'll have to work on it a tad bit.


  1. Ooh! It's so colourful! Love your look!
    And your eyebrows are sparkling!!! @0@ hehe!
    Ah, they're gorgeous lashes - it's so disappointing when high priced lashes turn out badly... -.-


  2. What kind of contacts do you have on? o.o they're so pretty!

    1. I was wearing the GBT sky blue lenses. :)