[Sponsored Review] I.Fairy Luna Green and Kawayii 24 eyelashes

I believe I mentioned that I was backed up on reviews, right? GOOD!
Because I am. Holiday season really messes stuff up.

I received these lenses a few days before Christmas (by received I mean it was delivered to my house, I was out of town, haha).
UNIQSO kindly sent me these big eye circle lenses to review a long with some eyelashes!
I'm a HUGE eyelash junkie so this was especially exciting for me.

(BTW. I know, my orange shirt doesn't look right at all. Sorry? I didn't really feel like changing..>> The bow is from ELEGY CLOTHING though! )

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I got a new camera for Christmas and it takes some pretty awesome macro shots! LIKE THESE!

These lenses are really detailed and neat to look at. There's about 3 colors in the lens and they all "blend" to make a green color.

These lenses are the I.FAIRY Luna Green which are only available in plano at the moment.
The color of these lenses are very unique. They have 3 different colors that add a lot of depth to the lens. The lens is opaque so that the color shows up and doesn't blend into the natural eye color. I really can't get over how cool these lenses look. To me they seem a little...bug like? With all the colors...like an iridescent wing if that makes sense. 

These lenses are VERY comfortable. I've own several I.Fairy lenses and all of them have been comfortable and I could wear them for hours without and dryness or discomfort.

The website says the diameter is 16.2mm. They enlarge pretty well but I'm not sure if there is an extra .2mm, haha. They're the same size as most other Ifairy lenses and that's 16mm. Either way, it enlarges well so if that's what you're going for, this has it!

These lenses have great color that shows up well on dark eyes. The 3 colors that blend together to make this lens are opaque and bright so you get what you see. It's super comfortable and I had no problems wearing them for hours. On top of all of that, the enlargement is there and it really adds a dolly effect.


I wrote earlier that I'm an eyelash junkie and...it's completely true. I was *cursed* with short lashes that DO NOT want to curl so fake eyelashes really pull looks together for me.

These lashes have a clear band which makes it easier to blend in to your natural lashes. 
With most lashes, you need to trim the sides so it fits your eyes.

These lashes are SO flexible. I hate having stiff bands because I can feel them the whole time so a flexible lash is great for me. Not only are they lighter but they're easier to bend to the shape of your eye.

The lashes came with a clear, gel like adhesive on them that made them stick to the packaging and it was actually on the top parts of the lashes.
Because of this, the lashes ended up showing *shiny* on the tops which you can see in the middle picture of the macro eye shots.
I put some matte eyeshadow on it to combat the gloss from the glue but it didn't fully work. Luckily, the glue can be easily removed with some make-up remover so you won't have to worry about it if you clean them.

Overall I'm very happy with these lashes. They're soft and flexible, come on a clear band and they're dramatic enough for things like cosplay, but they're also just natural enough for everyday wear.

I'm curious to see if the other lashes are made the same way though since I've never heard of this brand before.

Thanks for checking out this review! 8D
Until next timeee~ (which will probably be tomorrow x3)


  1. These lenses and lashes look great on you! You're so pretty!

  2. Wooww. Those lenses really are unique. I wish they blended a bit more with the natural eye color though!And those lashes are super duper prettyyyy!

    1. They are! I kinda like that they don't blend with my eye color. Then again...I like changing my mind on lens color a lot, haha. Sometimes I like them looking natural, sometimes I like them looking weird. xD
      I definitely want to try out some solotica lenses eventually.

  3. loveeee the color~
    your first picture is that using wig? so cute!!


    1. Yes! It's one of the Hime wigs from Cyperous.