Late Christmas Swap + next giveaway information

Hello doll faces~

A little before christmas I agreed to do another swap with Fammy, the girl in Cali that I did my first swap with. She set the price this time for $100 usd which meant that we could get even more stuff for each other!

She got her package a bit before christmas and...I really wish I took a picture of it. xD I tried to make it super cute so on the inside of the box, I stuck tons of hearts and such on it. 
I can't remember everything I picked up for her...but I know there were a few small la color palettes, a sephora pantone universe palette...smashbox primer, some various lips products, nail polishes, etc.

My package ended up getting delayed but I finally got it today! :D

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What I gots~

5 Lip products of various brands. 
A 7 piece Hard Candy eyeliner set
A cute palette with blue eyeshadows
7 Pairs of Lashes (got 3 bottom lashes! :3 yaye~)
Lorac Pro Palette (Most excited for this!!)
And 2 cute packages of make-up wipes.

The only lip product I see myself using is the Forever21 Lipstick since all the other items have glitter/shimmer in them and I don't like how that kind of stuff looks on me. I've been wanting to try out some of their beauty products though so now I get to try out a lipstick! 

Lashes are one of the things that I request the most since I use them all the time so I'm excited to wear them. :3

I normally ask for asian cosmetics instead of stuff I can get here but I'm pretty happy with this swap.
The product that I'm most excited about is the Loral Pro Palette. I actually tried it out today and it's SO BEAUTIFUL. A lot of people compare it to the Naked Palettes which I haven't tried out.
I'm going to school so I can get licensed and be a MUA so I've really started to collect products and this might be a staple of mine! (Reviews and swatches will come later)

If you'd like to swap with me just follow this link here: CLICK ME!
which will take you to my swap page thingy with some information you'll need. You can either comment there or email me (which you can find by clicking "contact" at the top of my blog)



I'll be hosting another giveaway, BUT, not until I get 100 followers here. That's only 17 away!
This giveaway will be even better than the first one with tons of cute cosmetics and other stuff!

So feel free to suggest my blog to people so I can get my 100 follower giveaway going! :3


  1. This is a nice swap!^^ I really like the lashes you got! I hope you enjoy them very much!^^ I also hope that you reach 100 followers very soon!! Have a good day Miki!!(。^ω^)ノ゙