Behind the Scene: Untitled Thoughts

Hello Lemon drops!

I know I promised some other posts that weren't reviews so here we go!

This past sunday I had a photo shoot for the designer Untitled Thoughts after she sent me three pieces to shoot in. The pieces weren't full outfits so I had to get a stylist on board and everything really came together amazingly.

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Stephanie Sperber, the photographer, is a friend of mine who specializes in portraiture and has a vintage flair which I really wanted to go for.
I was lucky enough to get ahold of Charzette Smith who is an AMAZING stylist in Jacksonville along with one of my high school friends Natalia Marie who does hair.

Charzette supplied everything except the black and white jacket and dress and the turquoise dress.

I'm actually going to be going to school to get a license so I'll be able to be a MUA legally. I think the only thing I would have changed make-up wise would be to make the turquoise cat eye A LOT bigger but I didn't want to bring too much attention from the clothing.

The second outfit, the turquoise dress, was probably my favorite look. The socks were SOOO cute and I just loved the outfit to pieces. Also, when you're shorter, dresses are better to wear in comparison to pants. At least for me. :p

Bahhh. My hair goes to my waist and I'm always so sad when I curl it because it shortens it so much. :(

The white dress was the very last outfit. It's a sheer material so I had to wear a nude LOOWWW LOWWW cut bra since we didn't want dem nips showin up. I also had to wear a super short skirt underneath it since we didn't know what to put underneath, haha.
(P.S. Charzette made the floral crown too! 8D)

The preparation for the shoot started around 12:00 and we didn't get done with it until 1:45 ish. Luckily I already had my make-up done since the shoot was planned for 2:00...and the location is 10 minutes away, haha.

We got super scared that it would start raining on us since, the moment we walked out of the house, it drizzled just a bit but it actually didn't rain at all on our side of town! Redonk, I know.
It was pretty badly overcast also...DID I MENTION IT WAS FREEZING? X__X 
But you get used to it and have to pretend you don't feel it which isn't too hard to do when you're actually doing it.
When we had to walk around was when you feel it the most, haha.

The shoot ended around 4:00 and I was SOOOO HUNGRY. xD I normally try not to eat too much before photo shoots depending on the time since I bloat up pretty bad so I only had 1 hot pocket. LOL

While shooting the last outfit, there was a guy who walked by and was super creepy. It's always nice to get compliments but I'm pretty sure he meant to be creepy on purpose which was funny afterwards. xD

I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! 

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  1. This makes me miss modeling! You look so gorgeous. I especially love the white dress and the last photo. Super pretty :)