[Sponsored Review] Puffy 3 tone Brown

Hello again~

To take a break from the makeup reviews, I thought I would share this circle lens review as well as some quick snapshots that I took at my most recent photoshoot.

A little while ago, UNIQSO generously sent me a pair of lenses. Unfortunately, they weren't the correct prescription so I sent them a message and they sent me a new pair! No questions asked! They're extremely nice and professional and get back to you super quickly. GREAT SERVICE.

ANYWAYS, I ended up getting the correct pair a few days before this planned photoshoot and I thought "PERFECT! I CAN WEAR THESE"!

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[Sponsored Review] Cuicu Eyeshadow 16 Stone Green & Solone 10 color Smokey Violet

Hello again!
Another review~!

Like I said in the last post, KKCENTERHK sponsored me 3 items to review.
One was the purple eyeshadow from the last review and the second and third were these ones!

(Poison Ivy youtube tutorial coming up also! :D)

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[Sponsored Review] Cuicu Flashing Eyeshadow 17

Hello again~

Long time no see! :D

I'm back on my computer and starting to blog again! SOOOOOO. HERE'S MY FIRST BLOG BACK. Well...somewhat. I did post a few other things..but this is my first foreal blog. Foreal foreal.

Anyways, you guys know the drill~ This is a review of a product that was so generously sponsored by KKCENTERHK. If you guys remember, I did another review a little while ago of three eyeshadows from the same brand. These eyeshadows are AMAZING and CHEAP! I really wish they had a matte black though...

SO! Like always, even though this is sponsored, this is 100% my own opinion! If I hate it..well..you'll know. I don't play. HA!

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Computer issues :(

So, anyone following me on my facebook page would know, but for those who don't, my macbook decided to crash on me 2 weeks ago.

Just today I was finally able to take it to the apple store to have them look at it. I was super worried that there would be an issue with the hardware (which costs $$$$$$ to replace plus labor) or even the software and it wouldn't be fixable.

LUCKILY, whatever the problem was which I still don't know, they were able to fix it in store even though it took about 3 hours. Still glad that it didn't have to be shipped off PLUS it was free. :D So I am SOOOOOO thankful for that.
A bad thing though..I lost ALL of my pictures an my recordings. (If you didn't know, I sing so I basically lost all of my singing files... :( )
I'd rather lose them than have to buy a new computer though, haha.

 Anyways, this was just an update about why I haven't been blogging or anything. I don't really have another computer that I can load the pictures for my blog to so I'm glad I have this back. :3

Halloween party time~

Halloween is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE holidays (After Christmas and my birthday...yes...I consider my birthday a holiday :P). If only for the reason that people won't look at you strangely if you wear a costume..not that I'm too worried about that...it's actually for the candy....>>

This year, my boyfriend pushed the idea of us making our own costumes. I'm wasn't against the idea since I make my own costumes all the time but we came across the whole "who/what do we doooooo?" Well, he apparently had a plan the whole time and wanted to be Mr. Freeze. 

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FINALLY. The giveaway is over!

I used random.org to choose a random number for the winner instead of using rafflecopter (only because that's how over people have done it lulz)

[Update] The original winner did not get back to me in the given amount of time so, like noted, a new winner was chosen using random.org.

The winner isssssss  バーゴス エミリー

I'm currently without my normal computer so I'm unable to take a screenshot. The number drawn by random.org is 11! (I'm on a pc now...and my normal laptop is a macbook...so...excuse me while I get used to this. x__x)

Please email me at: cupcakexparade@gmail.com within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen. :)

For those who didn't win, DON'T GIVE UP! I'll be hosting an even better giveaway when I reach 100 followers! I've already started to collect stuff for it, ohohohoho~