Fall GIVEAWAY! (9/30-10/31)

HELLO! I did promise a giveaway! I was going to wait until I hit 50 people...or for the first of october...but I was too excited to wait any longer...>>


All the info about what you'll get and how to enter will be below the cut! :3 SO CHECK IT OUT!

[Review] Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar 01 & 05

(Cam whore alert x3)
WEE! I'm at it again~ I finally have something to do! (I think I mentioned I don't go out often..>>)
This will be my first review of the items I received from Fammy during our swap! 8D

Also~ My friend let me borrow her wig for Halloween soooo~ There's pictures of that in here too!

I also cam whored a bit because after my roots grow out this second time...I'll be going to a chocolate brown color for my hair. xD


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Makeup Swap #1

My first makeup swap is officially COMPLETE.
Fammy, a girl in California, emailed me about a swap, we got it going and today I received my package!

We both put tracking on our packages so I knew it was coming today and I couldn't wait! I waited for the postman..but right when I turned away..he came and I didn't realize it until later...>>

ANYWAYS! She individually wrapped every single thing! In cupcake paper! I felt so bad because my package was not even close to being that cute. >.<

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Prepping for Halloween~

If you're like me, Halloween is a HUGE deal.
Every year (starting like..last year xD) My friend Dylan and I go to a few stores to try on costumes.
Last year we went about a week before halloween and all the xs-sm were taken so we didn't have much to try on. THIS YEAR we went to early. :___; and not all of the costume were in stock yet...We'll have to do it again sometime. xD

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Awesome news for my followers!

So, I posted a while ago that I was going to host a giveaway. WELL!

I recently contacted a circle lens site and they are being so kind as to sponsor a pair of lenses for the giveaway!
I'm still collecting items,various cosmetics both american and asian, but I'll also be making something special for the winner! Wether that will be a bow or bag or something else is still up in the air. :3

The generous site that is sponsoring a pair of lenses is none other than:

Along with sponsorship, they've also been nice enough to give a percentage off if you use the code
AND, along with that 5% discount, you also get $2 off if you like their facebook page!

I hope this gets you guys pumped for what's to come with the giveaway! :D


[Review] Wig-Supplier/ L-email wigs

I received two wigs a little while ago that I used in my last two circle lens reviews~
Both wigs came from Wig-Supplier. (Yes. the name is clickable :3)

If you can't remember what they looked like here is a picture to refresh your memory! --->

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[Review] Covergirl Olay Tone Rehab Foundation and fun photo time

Hello again~

Todayyy~ I'm bringing you a review of the foundation that I've been wearing recently. When I came back from my trip, I had a sample waiting for me! The Covergirl +Olay Tone Rehab Foundation Base in 125 Buff Beige. Strangely enough...I wear that same number n MUFE. :D TO THE REVIEW!

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