Deco Lolita collaboration shoot~

Second outfit that Chubi from Elegy Clothing sent me to shoot in~

This outfit was definitely the most fun for me between the two because it was a 4 in 1!

It comes with a salopette which can be switched from skirt to bloomer-y shorts, and the top part also comes off so you can wear just the blouse with either/or as well!

This style is really adorable and I love it so much...but definitely not as much as dresses with the cupcake shape. I said a while ago that I'm a huge fan of sweet, hime, everything girly, etc and it's mainly because I LOVE pink and they have tons of cupcake shapes so I get the best of both of the things that I love! x3

This outfit was shot in studio since I can't really think of any locations that would be suitable for this outfit.
Since I received the outfit, I was racking my brain for a way to wear my wig and I just couldn't think of anything. I really wish I had some super curly wigs or maybe a split one or even some pastel action. But alas,  haven't purchased any new wigs in about a year. Must change this soon. I'll be buying new circle lenses soon so maybe I'll buy wigs then...
The day of the shoot I had to put together a super quick hair style and decided upon...

THE GIANT PURPLE BOW IS SO ADORABLE! I kept telling Chubi how much I liked it because it's so big and cute. :3
The wig. Yes. That's what I was talking about. I ended up just simply braiding part of the wig and eventually tied it into ponytails.

I was originally going to make two braided buns on each side...but I over estimated how much hair was on this wig, haha.

I purchased a pair of shoes at wal-mart since I was tired of wearing the same white mary-janes but they didn't have my exact size so I had to get a 5 in kid sizes. I really don't understand why kids have such big shoes sizes. x__x I normally wear a size 6 in women's so the fact that girls shoes 5 is too big? (I wear a 4) They should just switch the adult sizes if their feet get that big. T__T



Oldschool Black and White Lolita shoot

PRESENTING, ONCE AGAIN, another collaboration with Elegy Clothing. :3

This time, Chubi sent me 2 outfits~ The first one is (obviously) an old school styled black and white coord.

The more I collaborate with Chubi, the more I'm realizing how unprepared I am to accessorize these looks. I don't mean headdresses or anything like that since Chubi normally supplies those as well, but I'm talking about wigs and shoes.
Now, I'm a wig addict. I have over 20 wigs but even with my wig collection, I'm running out with things that match! I guess it doesn't help that some of my wigs are similar colors and styles x___x. Blech. Shoes I'm not TOO big on. I do love me some heels and I have a lot...but almost none of them are loliable. I have a pair of white platform maryjanes (which I have been using in all of my shoots so far xD) but that's about it. Luckily for this outfit I have a pair of black wedges that I've never worn...>>

Bur, UHG. This makes me so frustrated because I know I'm going to have to shell out money to update  my wig and shoe collection and it kills meee. (I'm super cheap if people didn't realize. LOL) I love shopping at flea markets and thrift stores and to me "on sale" means take an additional 50% off of 50%. xD

OH YEAH. Did I mention my birthday just passed? Wooooo. T__T
I still don't have a drivers license...Someone should just shoot me. I'm so useless. x_x

Today I received the package filled with lovely clothing~
Chubi always wraps the clothing in tissue paper and I always feel bad when I tear into it...>> I like opening things...xD I'm always so surprised at how much stuff she can fold into these boxes! xD

I tried on the outfits right away! 8D

This is the oufit right out of the box with a petti under it. :3

Since it's an old school coord, Chubi suggested I keep the hair as natural as possible so I put on a curly brown wig and tied them into pigtails. It's super adorable but I also think that with the long dark hair there's was...too much dark?
So I tried on a blonde wig. x3

This wig has been with me for almost 4 years and I can tell it's getting old, haha. But it still looks lovely.

Here's some photo spam of my face :D

Shoot day is Tomorrow/Today! (I'm writing this on the 18th...but will probably finish it on the 19th which is when the shoot for this look is. Lol)

So THIS is actually how I wore my hair xD



All that above? Yeah I lied. I ended up shooting this outfit twice. LOL



[Review] MUFE HD invisible cover Foundation #127 Dark Sand

If you don't know, I'm a huge believer in trying out foundations at home before buying and I almost never trust one of those counter girls to color match me. LOL
I've had bad experiences where they match me with this horrible dark orange color, so now, I color match myself.

I've been wanting to try out Make up forever's foundation for a LONGGG time and finally got my butt into sephora to ask for a sample.
In the store, I wasn't exactly sure which shade to get, 125 or 127, so I got both. :D (I also got a sample of the full cover concealer in 7)

They put it in super cute little containers where they squirt some in and let you take it home.

I definitely think 125 matches me a lot better. 127 is just a smidgen too yellow. I can possibly see myself wearing 127 now (summer) and 125 during the winter since everyone likes being tan during summer...but I try my best to always wear sunblock, stay inside, etc so I stay the same shade for the most part.

Here's my face without anything in natural lighting. You can see my birthmarks and all the redness from rosecea. (ignore the one hair LOL)

Here's my face in 3 different lightings after I came back from errands. Let me tell you. I felt like I was melting. Florida is SOOOO hot right now. Hot and muggy and there's no breeze to help. x__x blech.

Here's some yellow lighting~

Some..inbetween? xD

and some white fluorescent lighting which I think mimics natural lighting?
(Also wearing the concealer in 7)
So as you can see, it held up really nicely in the hot, muggy mess that is Florida. I love the finish of this foundation as it doesn't look too heavy and you can almost not tell it's even there.

Amazing Finish
Lasts throughout the day with little touchups
Awesome Coverage
Not cakey or heavy
Good color selection

Pretty pricy ($42 a bottle)

That really is the only con I can think of at the moment. I LOVE this foundation and I probably will splurge to get it. 

Review on 125 and concealer coming soon~


[Review] Jamberry Nail Shield Black and White Houndstooth


I bring you another review!
A dew days ago I singed up for a sample of Jamberry Nails! Basically, it's similar to all those other nail "sheets" that you peel off and apply to your nails.
They had a few designs for your to choose from and I ended up getting this one~
The Black and White Houndstooth which retails for $15 for a whole set which does about 2-3 sets of nails.

Jamberry Nails has a GIANT selection. Here is a catalog they sent with the samples.

Among my favorites were these two!

Turtles and pink butterflies! (Pictures taken directly from the site) Both of them are super cute and would make amazing accent nails!

In the sample you get two small sheets which covers about 4 nails depending on how wide/long your nails are. Sometimes you get two of the same one, sometimes you get two separate ones. The process to putting them on is super easy! 

You'll need~

1. A hair blower/dryer
2. The samples of course!
3. A nail file
4. Either nail clippers of small scissors to cut the product


"Jamberry Nail Shields are designed to be easily applied in a salon or at home.

Step 1: Clean nails with nail polish remover or alcohol. (Clean, oil free nails are one of the most important steps of the application)

Step 2: Cut and file nails to desired length and shape.

Step 3: Buff top of the nail and push back cuticle.

Step 4: Match nail (finger or toe) to the nail shield that best fits.

Step 5: Peel off nail shield and warm with a blow-dryer 10-15 seconds or until soft and flexible.

Step 6: When warm, press the shield onto the nail.  Apply firm pressure around edges to adhere the shield to the nail.  Use rubber cuticle pusher to seal the shield around the cuticle.
Step 7:  Trim the top with scissors and file off remaining shield using a downward motion to remove excess.
Step 8: Apply heat and pressure to the shield again until it is sealed to the nail. (Repeating this step several times helps create a tight seal to the nail surface and increases wear time)
Optional  Step 9: For active users you can add a small amount of nail glue to the free edge to better seal the nail shield. 
How to remove:
There are 2 removal options for Jamberry Nail Shields. For Nail Shields that have been worn for more than 10 days we recommend following the Gentle Removal Process.
Quick Removal Process: Heat the shields with a blowdryer for 15 seconds. Then break the seal by getting under the edge of the shield with your opposite thumb nail. Slowly peel the shield from side to side. If the Nail Shields are not peeling easily or the adhesive is still bonded to the nail bed then follow the Gentle Removal Process.
Gentle Removal Process: Soak the Nail Shields in nail polish remover for 20-30 seconds and gently rub them off. Soaking will break down the adhesive bond and allow them to easily slide of the nail bed. "

This little thing covers two nails! :O

I chose to just use the houndstooth one as an accent nail on my ring fingers while I gave the rest of my nails a black french tip with glitter! 8D
The directions are pretty straight forward and hard to mess up and it's not hard to just repeal off if you mess up!The product was pretty easy to use and, as the directions stated, I warmed up the sheet before I placed it on my nail so it was very easy to mold to my nail. The sheet that I received was  a tad big for my ring, pointer, pinky and middle fingers but too small for my thumb so I had to deal.

I definitely think you'd be getting a lot for your money at $15 a set since each oval can cover around 2 nails and they say they give you 2-4 sets!
If you use them on all of your nails you obviously won't be getting as good of a deal as you would if you do just accents of course but I think patterns like this are better in small quantities. 

Easy to use
Decently Quick
No nail polish smell
Quick patterns without the mess

May not perfectly fit all nails
Can't file down the ends perfectly all the time
Can be seen as expensive for people who buy solid colors
Not for people who only like solid colors

Just go to the site: Jamberry Nails ,which is by Dianna Williams who is a SUPER NICE, look through the selections by clicking "Buy Jamberry" (you can also look at different genres) and click "add to cart" on the ones you like!

You can also check out the facebook fanpage here: Jamberry Nails Facebook
where you might just be able to check out some samples as well!

(P.S. Yes, the pink text throughout the post IS a link and can be clicked on :3)


✩☆✩Elegy Clothing Lolita GIVEAWAY✩☆✩

WEEEEE. Recently one of my friends who I've been collaborating with hit 500 likes!
She's giving away one of her Lollipop Parade jsk's and a headdress

The link above will take you to the actual post~
But this is the picture from the post which still tells you what to do!
Share the page so she gets more love beause she really is AMAZING!
Ends on August 23rd~


Micabella Shimmer Powder 26 Breeze Swatch

This was one of the products I bought off of my friend~

She had a few full sized untouched micabella eyeshadows but this is the only one that stuck out to me because it looked like a beautiful silver color.

The actual product has a bronze base (if you apply the eyeshadow a certain way, all the silver will rub off and leave a bronze color) which was a little strange to me but for the most part this eyeshadow is pretty nice.


Cosplay look: Stocking from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

My first cosplay look for this blog!
Basically, whenever I do a different character, I'll be posting the make-up that I used that particular day, etc.

FIRST LOOK IS STOCKING. From Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt!
Stocking is seen as a "goth loli" character with light green eyes. Her everyday clothing is normally dark colored but every now and then they have her in all pink, light blue, etc outfits. (Not including her angel outfit) She also has a major sweet tooth! 8D

I debuted this cosplay...2 years ago? At megacon~ It's her waitress outfit from one of the episodes~ I had a panty but we didn't get to take any pictures together unfortunately. :(
With this outfit, she wears skates and...I can't skate for my life. T__T I bought skates just to be accurate...but I cannot stay upright on them and it makes me sad. I'm fine with roller blades though. :_;



I.Fairy Super Crystal Green
NYX eye primer in nude
Kiss Beyond Naturel 03 lashes (Bottom)
Ardell Fashion Lash 107 Black (Top)
Wet N' Wild Blue had me at hello palette 
Nyx Single Eyeshadow in Black
War Paint in Start here
Almay Eyeliner in Black Diamond

The Style Art designing Pore silky boomer
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
Mehron coloring concealer (Highlight and Contour)
NYC Blush in First Sunrise

Nyx Xtreme Lip cream in Nude Peach Fuzz


☆Favorite: Lip Balms☆

Lip balms are essential to me. If my lips aren't properly exfoliated and moisturized I just can't wear any other lip products. Lip sticks will accentuate the cracks and dry skin and it's just. OJIHUGIYFVH

There's tons of lip balms out there ready to be tried out! The most notable brands, drugstore wise, I believe are EOS, Nivea, Chapstick (of course), and Burt's Bees. There's of course HUNDREDS of other brands that sell lip balms.

I've made my way around tons of lip balms but have never found one that I've used until I hit the base. Until now.

I'm a huge fan of Nivea lip products. I've tried most of them and always keep at least one around wherever I go. But, my all time favorite is the Nivea Vitamin Swirl. My mom received it in the mail for free to try out and I stole it from her~ Since then, I've used it every single day until it turned into this.

The color is a dark pink color swirled with white which actually shows up as a really soft pink color on the lips. This product is AMAZING. It smells great (super fruit :3), feels great, and keeps the moisture in! I love having soft lips (I'm sure my bf appreciates it also) so whenever I slack on keeping them moisturized, I layer it on at night and wipe it off (plus all the dead skin) in the morning with a damp towel and VOILA! Beautiful, soft lips.
I really need to get a new one...but I'm waiting for my nivea coupon to come in, haha. I'm also looking forward to trying the berry swirl which looks like a peach colored version of this. 8D

My lips with just Nivea Vitamin Swirl on. It gives off such a beautiful, natural pink color. I LOVE IT SO MUCHHHHH.

Since I'm low on my Vitamin Swirl (saving the left over product in the base for special days until I get a new one) my sephora birthday gift came just in time!
For those who don't know, Sephora gives away a different birthday gift every year which mainly contains small sample/tester sized products. This year was a Fresh. Sugar lip treatment and Rose mini lip duo.

I haven't used the Rose one yet since I was mainly concerned about keeping my lips moisturized.
The size is SUPER TINY (since it's just a tester size) and sadly, the bullet broke at the base so I had to scrape the product out and put it into a little container. 

The product itself applies super smoothly and it just feels great on the lips. It has a soft lemony scent (nothing too bad) which is nice because my bf will sometimes use my lip balms and he hates anything that smells super fruity or has any color in it. xD
There's no color, completely clear but gives a nice gloss.
The only downside is, the full sized product is a on the pricey side, especially compared to Nivea.
The full product is .15 oz and costs $22.50! So expensive compared to my $2.59 Vitamin Swirl. :(

I LOVE these two products so much and I'm sure I'll like the Fresh. Rose and the Nivea Berry swirl as well.


Missha M Perfect BB Cream 21 Light Beige and 2 Natural Beige

With my Missha Haul came a free birthday gift of a travel size bb cream in 21 Light beige~
I normally wear 23 since that's the one that I first purchased like...2 years ago and I still haven't run out of LOL.
I LOVE BB cream. It's the perfect on-the-go foundation that you can apply with just your hands.

I haven't tried any other BB creams so I can't really say this is my FAVORITE since I have nothing to compare it to, haha. But I'm hoping to change that really soon.

Both shades blend in and match my skin just fine though 23 Natural Beige is still the one I'll use more often just because I tan so well so I can only wear lighter shades when I haven't been out in a while. xD


Mehron ProColoRing Concealer Swatches

A few weeks ago my friend posted that she was selling some of her make-up that she barely used since they were all bought during a make-up phase of hers.
Luckily, my whole make-up thing isn't a phase. Ohohoho~
This was one of the items she was selling at a heavily discounted price that was only slightly used.

The concealer ring was barely touched (those holes are from me using a spatula). The first thing I did when I received it was sanitize it. And I only use a spatula to get out product from it now.
My friend is a super whitey white so this ring is pretty light, luckily, I'm pretty light myself so it works out.

Colors from Left to Right: Porcelain Blush, Golden Wheat, Honey Glaze, Soft Sandalwood, Cream Cocoa

When I first received it I was actually a bit scared since I didn't know how long she had it so it could have gotten hard. Good thing it didn't! It has a really nice creamy texture that was surprising.
I'll use the lightest shade "Porcelain Blush" as a highlight and the darkest "Cream Cocoa" as a contour. The other three will just be used as a normal concealer for my birthday marks and such.

Really excited to try this out more and compare it to my normal go-to concealer since I'm still looking for my perfect concealer.


Darmok Clothing Cyberlox photoshoot

I'd like to think that I'm pretty versatile when it comes to my modeling but there's definitely styles that I prefer.
I love frilly, girly things but I'm not a stranger to things like corsets, goth/cyber/rave/fetish wear, etc.
Darmok clothing has been so kind as to collaborate with my twice! This was the second time and I was supposed to be working with 2 other models but our schedules never worked out unfortunately.

The first shoot that was done with them I already had an outfit prepared due to a trade I did with another designer years ago (which I now regret because the wigs I traded were awesome :( haha )
But this shoot, I didn't have a thing to wear. The photographer was nice enough to supply a whole outfit. I was super excited because darmok was sending clothes but, when I got to try it didn't fit at all. :( The length of the piece that went from the neck to the breast was wayyyyy too short.

Anyways, the photographer, John Berger, met me at the Three Muses Boutique. It's a costume boutique that is actually owned by a local cosplayer! I'd known about the boutique for quite a while but never actually went, so I was pretty happy when I actually arrived. They give a 15% discount for models and photographers I believe...

ANYWAYS. They have a pretty large selection of corsets, though a tad pricey. We looked around for things that would match the cyberfalls (which were blue, purple and black). We both decided a corset was the way to go since they didn't have many tops that would match the theme, and then decided on a tutu. I was pretty upset that we chose a tutu because tutu's are EXTREMELY easy and cheap to make. Most of the time, you won't spend more then $6 making one on your own since tulle is about $1 a yard and elastic is even cheaper. I was actually under the impression at first that darmok was sending a bottom to match the top but it was probably better this way, haha.

The tutu ended up being $20 and the corset was around...$60.

The actual employees were pretty friendly and helpful, when I tried on the first corset, I put it on upside down! LOL The ties were at the top which confused me a bit since I'm so used to two ties meeting in the middle, or having it tie on the bottom.

This is a picture (obviously) of the corset and tutu in their main dressing room~

At the shoot, which took a total of around 4 hours, I matched them with a dark blue wig, some fishnets, my stack boots and some arm warmers~
The reason why it took so long was because I did my make-up at the studio which takes me about an hour..>> haha.




Missha Haul + Freebies Galore~

Every year around your birthday a few companies will give you perks. I know Sephora does it (this year they're giving out mini Fresh lip treatment duos. 1 in Rose and the other in Lip Treatment), Ulta does it as well...I believe most make-up stores will do it. Missha this year (I'm not sure if it's every year or a different gift each year) was giving out travel sizes of their Perfect Cover BB cream in 21 Light Beige.

The down side is, you have to pay $8 for shipping which is ridiculous. I posted on their facebook about it and they mentioned to me that a sale would be coming my way. OKAYYYY.

The next day, everything was 30% off so I decided "mehh, why not?" And this is what I boughtttt.

A few of the products I wanted were out of stock so I ended up having to find a few last minute products.

The Premium Silk-Feel Cotton Puff

First up, the silk feel cotton puff. I read that they're out of stock most of the time so I was lucky enough to snag a few. I purchased 2 packs at $3.49 each. Regular price is $4.99 and it comes with 80 pieces in each.

Description: MISSHA Silk Feel Cotton Puff is made up double cotton sheets to keep it's original shape after using and leaves soft and light touch on the skin.

They have a little sample one taped onto the box that you can touch and try out?
It is indeed very soft, I applied some toner to it and it worked as a cotton puff should.

Perfect Brush Cleaner

Sale price $11.19, Regular price $15.99. 

Description: "Containing botanical soothing and cleaning ingredients, it cleanses off impurities and makeup residues on the brush and makes your makeup clean. It lengthens brush's life, keeping its own shape"

The directions are normal brush cleaner directions. You pour some in a bowl, soak your brushes, rinse off. 
The scent itself isn't horrible, a lot better than the japonesque one imo which has a horrid pinesol smell that lingers. I just cleaned my brushes and so far it works amazingly~ Though there's not that much product so I'm not sure if it's worth it's price.

Left: Art designing Make-up fix. Sale: $8.39, Reg: $11.99
Right: Art Designing Silky Boomer. Sale: $9.09, Reg: $12.99

The style art designing make-up fix. 80ml.
This is a spray on make-up fix that's sprayed on after applying makeup and it's supposed to make your look last longer. The description basically says that it's a powder mixture (with liquid) that creates a coating over your face. You're supposed to shake it (to mix) then spray, about 15-20 cms away, onto your face then pat. The product itself is a lot smaller then I thought. It's a bit taller than a sample sized hair product with the same volume. The container is super cute though, it's pink with what looks like snowflakes on it and the actual product is a milky white. Review to come later~

The style art designing pore silky boomer. 30 ml.
First off, NOT a lot of product. The container is a bit shorter than an airhead and maybe if you stacked 2-3 on top of each other...that's how big it is.

Description: Pore control boomer to form a shield on uneven skin for flawless and sleek skin.
The product is a white silky cream that when blended into the skin, it becomes matte. Smells a bit like their lipgloss. I doubt I'll buy again just because of it's size. Will review. :)

Make-up Double eyelid tape. Sale $1.74, Reg: $2.49.

One of my eyes like's looking wonky when I'm tired so I like to have some tape on hand. :) there's 10 pairs on each page, and 2 pages in each container, so 40 stickers.

I'm not sure what the small one is...I think it's the MISA Golden snowflake?


My mother is a huge freebie junkie and a couponer so all of these things are my daily loot through her. :D

That's a fullsized x-out, some biotrue..blah blah blah.
All of these were COMPLETELY free. No shipping or anything. :)

Reviews to come for some of these products. :)


☆International Make-up Swaps? ☆

In all the years that I've been interested in make-up and stalking gurus on youtube and in their blogs, (it's been about 2-3 years ;D ) I've seen most if not all participate in make-up swaps with people in different countries.

I would LOVE to do this with people. Mainly in asian countries and the UK because all of them have amazing products that I want to try out but don't have access to.

Of course, I could buy some products online...but that doesn't seem as fun.

I already know the basics of the whole swapping thing; I just don't know where to find other people interested in being my..swapping counterpart?

Also, swapping already used products isn't my thing. Now, I don't mind giving away products that I've tried out and don't like, I would just prefer to swap out brand new stuff.

If any one knows of any sites that can connect you with people, or people setting up blog swaps and stuff, PLEASE let me know. :3


"Simple" Sensitive skincare experts rant. Yeah.

So, a while ago I received samples from Simple of their "Refreshing Facial Wash Gel" and the "Cleansing Facial Wipes". I have about 3-5 sample tubes of the gel and around 6 samples packs of the wipes.

I'll start with the gel.
Here's a picture of the product.
This is the description directly from their main site

Our Products
Our Refreshing Facial Wash Gel leaves your skin thoroughly cleansed and revived, plus it's a perfect blend of our purest possible skin loving ingredients with an added vitamin. 
SIMPLE GOODNESS 1 ADDED VITAMIN    PRO-VITAMIN B5 known to help restore, soften and smooth NO SOAP NON Drying NO DYESNO ARTIFICIAL PERFUMES NO HARSH IRRITANTS to upset skin    Dermatologist tested    Noncomedogenic    Hypoallergenic"
It's supposed to be the UK's number 1 skincare company...yeah...
To put it nicely. I broke out. Heavily. It's supposed to be hypoallergenic, has no harsh ingredients etc, etc. But I broke out after washing my face with this. It went away pretty quickly so I wasn't too upset. Except for the fact that I know have tons of samples from them that I can't use. x__x

What's weird to me is, this has never happened before. I normally don't react to products...the last time I did was when I found out I was allergic to skin so soft yearrrrsss ago.

Moving along

This is what the wipes look like. I used them two nights ago and the morning after, my face was covered in hives, red and swollen.
I am NEVER using these products again. I don't know what's in it that could have caused this but it's horrible. The redness has yet to go away and it makes me sad.

Still irks me that out of all the products I've subjected my face to...a hypoallergenic one is the thing that makes me break out...

end rant.