Flower Dream Lolita shoot~

A while ago I posted about Kendra Paige, coming up for a week of shoots~

So far this is the only picture set that's been..half? finished? We had to shoot the outfit in 2 different locations because the first one didn't turn out.

Don't get me wrong, the pictures were AMAZING! But we went to late (it was a flower field) so most of the flowers were gone. :(

The dress and accessories were made by Miss Chubi of Elegy Clothing. This dress (I think) was made in about 1-2 weeks and it was AMAZING! Even on this sample, all the edges were serged, there wasn't an edge that wasn't finished off and the details were beautiful. I'm a huge fan of j-fashion and love to dabble in different ones but gyaru and lolita are definitely my favorites just because of the girly flare in most of their subgenres.

There's still pictures to be done and among them is my favorite! This oneee

Wig is from Cyperous
Shoes are just some normal platform white maryjanes
White stockings are from Walmart. xD

I also did another lolita shoot with the same designer~ Will post about that also! YAYE


Metrocon 2012~

Con season has started for me. By con season, I mean...1 con until next year, haha.

Metrocon is a convention in Tampa, Florida that I've been going to since..2006 I think? Possibly 2007...I don't even know any more.

I must admit, Metrocon hasn't been as fun recently as it used to be. There doesn't seem to be as many cosplayers going but I'm not sure if that's just me. I'm so used to having people show up in these amazing elaborate costumes to enter in the costume contest but...i think I only saw about 4 cosplayers like that. Sad. There's tons of new cons coming up though so I'm thinking that people are just having to choose more wisely on the ones they want to go to. Anywayssss~

Friday~ I actually left around 12:00-1:00 ish so I got to Tampa around 5. Good thing though because I had a show at 9 to be at~

I didn't cosplay on friday since I did get there so late buttt~
I did wear thisss

I was performing in Animebelle's Fairytale Theatre~ All the kimonos are basically the same except color coordinated to each persons favorite color. Of course I have pink. :3

On Saturday~ I actually wore...3 costumes lol.

In the morning I wore Shenhua from Black Lagoon (as known as Chinglish). Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of pictures in it since I was only in it for about 2 hours.
Next was Asuka~
With my friends Pei Pei Gya as Rei~
We did their short yukata versions which actually comes in two types of figurines. 1 is a "normal" sized and the other one is where they're more..child sized?

I also bought my first and last purchase while wearing this costume!
This one is in a light pink and it's a pretty big plush. $40 down the drainnnn.
NO REGRETS. It was the very last one in this color! It's beady eyes and adorable 3 smile make me all warm inside. :3
It now joins it's fellow fluffies on my bed. 

I had a panel to go to at 12 x__X so I ended up taking a nap until around 10~ 
I got ready to go to said panel and dress assss

I only stayed in it for like..1 hour. xD

On Sunday I had a boudoir photoshoot with Spotlight Sexy
Sneak peek timeee

We went through about..6 looks~ Hopefully the pictures turned out awesome. I'll get proofs in about 2 weeks and be able to pick out a few that I love. 8D Renee (The photographer) was an absolute dream to work with. She's so bubbly and cheerful that it's contagious! A lot different then the overly serious or awkward photographers. She's also super cute and makes you feel right at home. We ended up having tons of good laughs and it was just a super fun experience all around.

I finished the day off by wearing asuka again (for 30 mins xD) before I went to go eat at Oishi in Channelside. I SWEAR Oishi and Thai Thani are sooo delicious. 

Er..that's it?