[Sponsored Review] Puffy 3 tone Brown

Hello again~

To take a break from the makeup reviews, I thought I would share this circle lens review as well as some quick snapshots that I took at my most recent photoshoot.

A little while ago, UNIQSO generously sent me a pair of lenses. Unfortunately, they weren't the correct prescription so I sent them a message and they sent me a new pair! No questions asked! They're extremely nice and professional and get back to you super quickly. GREAT SERVICE.

ANYWAYS, I ended up getting the correct pair a few days before this planned photoshoot and I thought "PERFECT! I CAN WEAR THESE"!

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I hate the cases that circle lenses come in. I really do. I mean, yeah they're great to keep them sealed and everything, but I've lost track of how many times I've accidentally broken off the top and had to cut off the metal to open it. :( I'm a sad sad panda who can't open containers.

When I got to the photographer's studio, he took some super awesome pictures of my eyes for my blog!
His make-up area has really nice lighting and that's where we snapped these pictures.

You can really see all the details!

I'm not sure if you guys remember but, I did a review on another pair of puffy 3 tones and this line/series/brand are my absolute favorites so far! AND HERE'S WHY!

The color is labeled as brown which I expected to be a lighter brown but it's actually a reddish,yellow toned brown instead. The color is really neat and I don't think that these lenses are supposed to be super bright and instead they're supposed to look somewhat natural. The color is very opaque though and definitely noticeable. 
Like I said, the Puffy 3 tone series are my favorite brand from all the ones I've tried before. They're some of THE MOST comfortable lenses I've ever tried. I have no problems with wearing them for a full day and forget they're even in sometimes!
If you're looking for comfortable lenses, these definitely are!

These lenses are listed as 16.5 mm diameter but I also remember them being listed as 14.5mm somewhere...Either way, I think they enlarge very well. They really give you a dolly look just by sticking them in! The change between natural eyes and these circle lenses is pretty drastic with the enlargement and color..makeup helps too!

SO ALL IN ALL! If you're looking for an awesome pair of medium brown lenses that give you a great enlargement effect, color, decent price and are super comfortable, check out the
(BTW. if you type in "UNIQ" you get a 10% discount off of their already amazing prices! )
(Here's some snapshots I took while my friend was posing~ :D)




  1. The lenses look great on you! I'm rather surprised at the color since it's not the typical brown color.

    1. Thank you! They definitely are~ Normally when you buy brown lenses they end up being a lighter brown but these went in a total different direction. :3

  2. They look so pretty :) Love ur makeup