[Sponsored Review] Cuicu Flashing Eyeshadow 17

Hello again~

Long time no see! :D

I'm back on my computer and starting to blog again! SOOOOOO. HERE'S MY FIRST BLOG BACK. Well...somewhat. I did post a few other things..but this is my first foreal blog. Foreal foreal.

Anyways, you guys know the drill~ This is a review of a product that was so generously sponsored by KKCENTERHK. If you guys remember, I did another review a little while ago of three eyeshadows from the same brand. These eyeshadows are AMAZING and CHEAP! I really wish they had a matte black though...

SO! Like always, even though this is sponsored, this is 100% my own opinion! If I hate it..well..you'll know. I don't play. HA!

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I actually received 3 products from KKCENTERHK but I figured that each product deserved it's own review and post instead of cram packing them all into one. I received 2 more CUICU eyeshadows in 17 EGGPLANT and 16 STONE GREEN.

Swatches! :D ^^^ This was swatched with a (clean ;D) finger on bare skin. No primer or anything~

When trying the actual product out...I couldn't decide what kind of look to go for...so I ended up with a simple purple smokey eye. 17 eggplant is the dark outer corner. ILOVESMOKEYEYES. I really do. They just look really nice...>>

As you can see, the eyeshadow is a dark purple that shows up beautifully. I wish it was a bit darker so it would be more of a DARK black/purple but still noticeably purple but it's still really nice. I could see myself using it for my psylocke cosplay. Actually..it's a perfect color for that. Maybe layer on some black to make it a bit darker...

The shadow was easy to blend and I had NO fall out which is pretty amazing. 

CHEAP!!! (Only about $5 an eyeshadow and they're about the size of a normal blush)

Can only get online
Have to pay for shipping

Overall, if you love color, than these eyeshadows are for you! They're really smooth, pigmented and come in a large variety of crazy colors.

KKCENTERHK gave me a special discount code for all my readers! It expires in January so redeem it while you can!
Coupon code: Mikichi
Discount: 10% off


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