[Sponsored Review] Cuicu Eyeshadow 16 Stone Green & Solone 10 color Smokey Violet

Hello again!
Another review~!

Like I said in the last post, KKCENTERHK sponsored me 3 items to review.
One was the purple eyeshadow from the last review and the second and third were these ones!

(Poison Ivy youtube tutorial coming up also! :D)

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This eyeshadow was PERFECT for my Ivy look.
 The green is a beautiful medium/dark green that blends beautifully. 
I used it around the outer corner of my eye and it made an AMAZING smokey eye which is sooo sexy.

Once again, this brand of eyeshadow goes on and blends amazingly well. The color is super pigmented, even without a base!

I really can't get over how amazing these eyeshadows are. They're everything that I could possibly want in one. Soft to the touch, pigmented, blends well, good lasting power, decent size and CHEAP.

Check this particular one out rightttt here ----> Cuicu 16 Stone Green

Blends well
Good size

Only available on HHCENTERHK
Have to pay for shipping


When I first opened the palette...I couldn't believe how CUTE it was. The design is absolutely adorable and really resonates with my super girly side. The designs on the box are cute and even the designs on the actual palette case!

One the case, the designs are..holographic? So they shine different colors depending on how the light hits it! I tried to capture it so hopefully it worked, haha.

The shadows swatch beautifully. My swatches are mainly always done with no primer or anything an the same goes for these ones!

The top row of shadows are more of the normal silver/black smokey eye and the bottom row are more purple/mauve colors.
I think it's best to mix them to get the best effect (like using purple and black, etc)
This palette is PERFECT for NIGHT/DAY transformations. You can wear the softer colors on the bottom row for day and change it by smoking it with the darker colors for night!

When I id this review, I had just seen a few Victoria's Secret pictures which heavily influenced the look. I went for a dark silver/black smokey eye. Very classic.

One of the things I noticed with this palette is that the colors don't transfer well on to the eye compared to the swatches. I really packed on the color and it still ended up looking a little light.

Decent pigmentation
Good for day/night changes
Cute packaging
Small and perfect for travel

Color doesn't transfer too well on eyes
Have to pay shipping
The packaging is almost too cute to want to use! (which may be a pro, haha)


  1. DANG!!! you are so gorgeous!! LOOKS LIKE little mermaid so much!!! love it!!!

  2. Hy, would you recommend the solone palette? Is it only hard to get the color on the eye or is it bad for blending? Greets

    1. The blending isn't too bad but it's definitely not the best. With that in mind, I don't really think I would suggest it.