Halloween party time~

Halloween is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE holidays (After Christmas and my birthday...yes...I consider my birthday a holiday :P). If only for the reason that people won't look at you strangely if you wear a costume..not that I'm too worried about that...it's actually for the candy....>>

This year, my boyfriend pushed the idea of us making our own costumes. I'm wasn't against the idea since I make my own costumes all the time but we came across the whole "who/what do we doooooo?" Well, he apparently had a plan the whole time and wanted to be Mr. Freeze. 

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If you don't know who Mr.Freeze is..here's a picture from TAS. My bf based his Freeze off of this one but there are a few differences.

I, of course, did Poison Ivy! 
My costume was finished...about 2 weeks before halloween so I decided to do a shoot in it! It was the first time that Trey had ever seen me do a shoot since I always shoo him away, haha. I don't own a long red wig so I had to borrow my friends...>> I'll be sure to fix that

(Photographer is John Rennie) 

Anyways.... Trey normally has like..a full on beard and it was SO strange to see it all gone. Like..no hair...plus I had to paint him light blue. xD I SWEAR, I was getting soooo angry at the paint because it just wouldn't work with me (I was using a sponge) so finally, I took out one of my buffer brushes and just buffed that shit on. And it turned out pretty decent. LOL

His put in LED lights in his head piece which looked super sweet and when the lights are turned off..he's a really good night light. xD He basically lights up a room if there's no other lights.
I was a very proud chicken watching him get praised for his costume. xD Anyways....I'm out. PEACEEEEEEE.
(Also..yes, I did wear two different wigs)


(P.S.S) I have a few reviews that are backed up at the moment...>>


  1. Wow! Both your costumes were amaaaaazing! You guys definitely must've put a lot of time into it! Great job :D

    1. Thank you! Mine didn't take tooooo long but I know that Mr. Freeze took a long while to complete. We were still working on it the night before, haha.

  2. Ooh! You're costumes are so great!! >w<
    Haha, I'm sure you wowed everyone on Halloween! ^^

    1. Haha I hope so! We had some pretty neat costumes at our party though...and only a handful of people were trick-or-treating. :(

  3. Okay. I saw this on facebook and you look absolutely beautiful! You guys really did an awesome job. And that long red wig is so lovely. Where did you get it?

    1. Thank you! :D
      I actually borrowed it from a friend. (I'm assuming you mean the super long one) but I know it's an arda wig...not sure the exact color...or style...x___x

  4. I know i'm super late on this post, but you guys look awesome sauce! Are you guys planning on wearing this combo to any cons? I know you're doing your PI for MegaCon, so i mean the bf really lol.
    The pics are amazing btw! Keep it up!

    Oh and Also, you should post about shooting and tips someday! It'd really help out the newbies like me lol

    Great work to both of you!