[Sponsored Review] i.Fairy Super Crystal Green

Hello again~

I come with news, reminders and a review! :D
First, if you didn't notice by the picture on the right, I have dark hair again. Poo. I'm still getting used to it, haha.

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NOW! The review. This pair of lenses were generously sponsored to me by Apple Of Your Eyes. Even though they were sponsored, I assure you that all of this is my honest opinion of these lenses. No crap here! No siree bob!

You should know the drill by now!

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Yesterday, in my post, I received a package! I always get super excited with packages (And yes. Yesterday. I work fast ;D)
I speed walked inside and couldn't wait to open it.
The whole thing was bubble wrapped and had a super cute circle note on it.

Inside was an ADORABLE animal lens case (I LOVE CATS. ZOMG)
and a pair of the i.Fairy Super Crystal lenses in Green.

The color of this is...alright. It's a bright dark/medium green when worn. It's opaque but, because it's darker, it doesn't show up as much as a..say puffy 3 tone. I'd almost says it leans towards a neon green but that's not quite right. You only really see these lenses when you're in decent lighting. If you're in normal indoor lighting the lenses looks black or some other dark color.

These lenses are SUPER COMFY. I can barely feel them on and can wear them for a whole day with only a minute amount of eyedrops needed.

These lenses enlarge pretty well. I believe they're listed as 16mm? They don't seem like they're super big so I really doubt that they are that big. The limbal ring that you can see on the lens by itself looks decent but when it's on..it's like it disappears...it's just BARELY there so that may be effecting the enlargement factor visually.

Overall a pretty decent green lenses if you're not really going for a huge POP.
I ALSO HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE that you can use for a percentage off your purchase if you so choose. It's in the right side bar on the main page of my blooog. :)

P.s. I'ma tiger.



  1. I think these look really pretty on you! Its awesome that they're super comfortable too. I have these in blue and I rather like them.

  2. hi! you have a very nice blog! would u like to follow each other? i'll be very happy =)


  3. You look so prettyyyy! Everything goes well together :)

  4. Beautiful! You look so adorable in the tiger thingie! ^^

  5. Omg it suits you so well! You're so beautiful omg!!