[Sponsored Review] Cuicu Eyeshadow 02,12,19

I'm here with another sponsored review! (I know..I know..I still need to finish the reviews for the stuff from the swap.

KKCENTERHK WAS SOOOOO GENEROUS in sponsoring me for this review.
They gave me a list of items that I was to choose from and I decided to go with single eyeshadows.

I decided to go with the CUICU Flashing Diamond Single Eyeshadow in 02 Ivory White,12 Chestnut Brown and 19 Barbie pink. I had really wanted to get the Stone green color but I noticed another blogger getting that and the barbie pink so I didn't want to review all the same products.

NOW! This is indeed a sponsored review but I can assure you that my opinion is unchanged. All of this is my very own opinion about what I honestly think about these products. :)

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I'm not sure of the exact date that the products were sent out but they arrived the day after I received an email saying they were shipped. INSTA SHIP, haha.
They were bubble wrapped to perfection! :)

The boxes for these eyeshadows are really nice. I know. That sounds weird. But the boxes are thick and solid cardboard that just comes off as...not cheap. I love boxes...>>

These eyeshadow. MY GAWD.
THEY ARE SOOO SOFT. Velvety soft. AMAZINGLY SOFT. I first swatched them using my fingers and it's like...it melted underneath my finger tips. Not literally. It was just that soft and smooth.

DO YOU SEE THOSE SWATCHES? The ivory white and barbie pink are soo beautiful.
All of these eyeshadows are really pigmented as well. 
Using a VERY light hand, I applied the pink and brown to my eyes and using the ivory white as a highlight. Even using a light hand the colors still come up very vibrant. Especially the pink. These pictures don't show just how bright and pigmented the pink really is.

When blended out, the ivory white makes a lovely highlight for all over the face. I used it under my eyebrows, on my t zone and the tops of my cheeks.

Originally the reason why I wanted to pink was because I was going to use it as blush as well. The name fits it well. As blush, you have to apply it with a light hand and blend..i mean...BLEND. And even then it still packs a punch! But in a good way! 

Cheap (only like $5 a eyeshadow)
Super Smooth
Decent size

Only available though KKcenterHK I believe so it's not easily accessible 
Have to pay for shipping
Doesn't have a matte black color

Overall, these are AMAZING eyeshadows and I wouldn't think twice about getting all of them. I do with they had a black though....

They also gave me a special discount code for all of my readers as well!
Coupon code: Mikichi
Discount: 10% off
It does have an expiration though on it which is January 31st, 2013!
So get it while you can! :D



  1. I love the pink color the most and you look so pretty in your pics :). http://www.roros-world.com

  2. Pretty you! I thought pink eyeshadow always was so idk how to explain hahah .. but it suits you very good :o! Maybe i should give it a try myself too i'm always sticking to the brown/gold ones lol time for a change i guess.

    xo www.asnfashion.blogspot.com

    1. Pink eyeshadow definitely isn't for everyone. I know a few people have said that pink eyeshadow makes them look like they have pink eye, haha. You should definitely try it out though! Even though...I do love browns as well, haha.