[Review] Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar 01 & 05

(Cam whore alert x3)
WEE! I'm at it again~ I finally have something to do! (I think I mentioned I don't go out often..>>)
This will be my first review of the items I received from Fammy during our swap! 8D

Also~ My friend let me borrow her wig for Halloween soooo~ There's pictures of that in here too!

I also cam whored a bit because after my roots grow out this second time...I'll be going to a chocolate brown color for my hair. xD


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ISN'T IT ADORABLE!? UHG. That's why I wanted it so bad. I'm a sucker for things in super cute packaging. x__x I really want all of them..but I'm not sure what I'd do with all of them, haha.

The color is pretty sheer but when I apply lip balm, I go all out, haha.

01 Juicy Strawberry is a light pink color. It's sheer but the color still shows up nicely, especially when applied generously which is easy with this since it's very much like a lip balm. It's very lightweight and moisturizing and smells AMAZING. It has a very asian-y strawberry scent...When I say asian strawberry...asian and american products go about their scents very differently but I can't exactly describe it. It's just a very different smell then anything that american products have.

05 Juicy Peach is more on the coral-pink side and this is my favorite of the two! The texture is the same , very lip balm like which I love. The color shows up a bit better then 01, but I'm guessing that's because this color just happens to be a bit darker. The scent is that of a, once again, "asian" peach. Very  sweet and fruity and absolutely delicious smelling.

I LOVEEEE these! Not only are they ABSOLUTELY EFFIN ADORABLE! But they're really nice on the lips. My favorite lipbalm is the Nivea Vitamin Swirl and this has the same feel as it, albeit a tad more expensive.  I would LOVE to buy more of them after I run out of these...I'd feel sad throwing the packaging out when I'm done with it though... :(

So like I said, I did a bit of camwhoring because I won't have blonde hair for to much longer which makes me sad but...oh well. :/

ANDDDDDD! The wig I borrowed :D



  1. Super cute packaging for the product !! >w<
    I think I've seen it around before; I'll have to get one soon then ! ^^
    Ooh, that wig is so RED ! It's cool ! >3<

    1. I know! It's SO ADORABLE! Though I would really prefer all the faces to be cute ones and not like..angry or pouty. xD
      Thanks! xD It is pretttty red. xD

  2. So cute! I'm actually gonna buy this today :D I want the reddish one.
    You are freaking beautiful ><

  3. These are so adorable!And ahhh, so are you! I don't even really wear lip balm but I want one!
    And oh nooo. You're dying your hair?The blond looks so pretty though :( So does red by the way. Love it with the lipstick.

    1. They are! They are! Haha thank you :3
      I'm a huge lip balm wearer so it's great for me. They might have a color that you'd like!
      I ammm. I really love the blonde but it's so hard and expensive to keep up with. :/ Plus I think it's putting a damper on my modeling thing, haha.

  4. You should do ariel for halloween with that wig. it would be so perfect! :)