[Review] Covergirl Olay Tone Rehab Foundation and fun photo time

Hello again~

Todayyy~ I'm bringing you a review of the foundation that I've been wearing recently. When I came back from my trip, I had a sample waiting for me! The Covergirl +Olay Tone Rehab Foundation Base in 125 Buff Beige. Strangely enough...I wear that same number n MUFE. :D TO THE REVIEW!

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Recently my favorite foundation has been MUFE's HD Invisible cover foundation in 125. It has no spf which is great when I'm doing a shoot...the bad side is that it's quite expensive. Too expensive for everyday wear (at least for me) so I'm always looking for a nice drugstore foundation for everyday use.

I believe I mentioned it before but my mom is a huge freebie/coupon junkie so while I was gone on my mini trip a sample of this foundation came in the mail~
When I say "sample"...it's actually a full sized bottle. So I guess it's more of a freebie, haha. A while ago, she had received a similar product but it was when it was in the circular flat tubby thing and I hated that so I was worried I would hate this one as well.

The bottle is normal sized for a foundation containing 1 FL oz of product (Ranges from 10.99-14.99 in price). It comes with a pump which is really nice and it doesn't dispense too much product. Almost the perfect amount for my whole face (I may apply more then others). The shade they sent was in 125 Buff Beige. It's kinda cool looking with the swirl of olay product but when it's dispensed, it's just the foundation color so I'm guessing the moisturizer mixes when it's in the straw thing?

It's a pretty good match. Almost exact!

Here's my ugly skin. The texture of my skin isn't bad and I have very small pores...but I have a lot of redness because of rocesea and my birthmarks.

 I've used this foundation in my past two reviews (The green and blue circle lens reviews) so I've used it for quite a while now. I always apply it with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for an even application.
I really love this foundation. I can't feel it at all and even after a long muggy day it still stayed perfectly in place (I did have to apply a bit of powder half way but hey..it's Florida).
I'd say it's a medium to full coverage since it covered all of my red spots. 


Light Weight
Great Coverage
14 Shades
Decently Priced
Long Lasting
Pump Dispenser 

$14.99 is a bit expensive so look out for bogos/coupons/sales

The following pictures have had no retouching to the face. (The only thing changes was the curved border and some lighting. :3 Some of these were super bright xD)



  1. Great review. I think it does the job well since your skin looks quite flawless in your pics. I wonder if it'll do well for oily skin??

    1. I have combination skin (my T zone is super oily/ my cheeks are more dry) and I only had to touch up once throughout the day on my T-zone so it's not horrible with oily skin but it might need a few pats of powder or a blotting sheet.

  2. I've seen this in stores!I recall glancing at it and thinking it looked interesting.It definitely looks great on you. I love your head piece!I have so many of those but I lose/break them constantly.

    1. Thanks! I just bought it a few days ago and it's the only one I have..even though I love looking at them. xD I just don't know how to incorporate them into outfits xD

  3. This foundation looks great! It looks like it photographs really well! I think I might buy this to use if I go to any of my school dances. :3