Prepping for Halloween~

If you're like me, Halloween is a HUGE deal.
Every year (starting like..last year xD) My friend Dylan and I go to a few stores to try on costumes.
Last year we went about a week before halloween and all the xs-sm were taken so we didn't have much to try on. THIS YEAR we went to early. :___; and not all of the costume were in stock yet...We'll have to do it again sometime. xD

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The very first costumes we tried on were HORRIBLE. xD I tried on a captain america one while Dylan tried on a batgirl one and they were SO SHORT. Dylan is super tall so most things are short on her but it was even short on me! And I have stubby legs. xD

We tried on a lot of hats though. xD

Fezzes are cool.

Just thought I'd leave that up there for anyone who will get it. :3

Dylan has a super weird camera where it takes like..super long pictures. xD This is one of them. LOL

So we left that store since they didn't have the costumes we had wanted to try on and went to Party city~

I tried on catwoman from the newest batman movie and..this costume..I don't even. It was so loose on me...but the belt was tight around my waist. The gloves were also too short..either that or the sleeves on the costume were too short. xD

Dylan tried on Black Widows costume but she looks more like Maria Hill

She also had the PERFECT hair for catwoman xD

That's...about it. xD Besides us trying to homecoming dresses also. xD


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  1. I love halloween..but never go out :( I think I'm too old, haha. But I love looking at all the costumes at the stores. Way to expensive for me though! Great blog :)

    1. Me too! I no longer go out...but parties with friends are always fun! Same here! I love trying on the costumes but they're really ridiculously priced. :/

  2. Replies
    1. xD Thank youuuu? :3 I'm actually planning on being Poison Ivy this year...mehh. Close enough? xD

  3. Ooh! You know, my friends and I don't really do anything for Halloween, but hopefully this year will be different ! ^^
    Hehe, we're planning to throw a party ! :)

    1. Parties are so much fun! Especially if everyone dresses up or it's a themed party~