[Review]{Updated} Super Pinky Violet

 WOOOOO! Only 2 more to go! I still have yet to open the blue ones and they're the ones I'm most excited about! Hope I'm not disappointed, haha. ANYWAYS! REVIEW OF THE SUPER PINKY VIOLET!
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Jumping right into it~
The color is amazing. SUPER BRIGHT, just like the grey and hazel ones. The violet color is pretty intense and it's definitely not a "soft purple" tint or color. This makes your eyes a vibrant violet color. I really love the color of these and want to try out other purple/violet lenses after this. Really pretty and perfect for anyone wanting a bright purple eye color...though...

Er...that's one of the downsides...I can't say for certain since I did wear these when I had been wearing contacts every day...but they irritate my right eye. It's not a painful feeling but a very annoying "tickle" like feeling. I'll be trying them on again soon so I'll update this then...but as of right now...they're annoying to wear. :/

{UPDATE} So I wore them for a while today and at first they had the same weird feeling but after a few minutes they actually seemed to fit my eyes a little better and I couldn't feel them anymore. Not really sure what's up with these lenses since I just googled online and it said that this series was supposed to be one of the most comfortable.

These have a 14.5mm diameter and they look pretty enlarging to me. They don't look too unnatural and the enlarging effect looks really nice. The lenses have a dark purple/black ring around it which blends nicely into the lens color without it looking too obvious.


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  1. Ooh, a really pretty lens!
    Thank you for the review! ^^
    I haven't tried lenses before but I want to in the future! ^^