[Review] Super Pinky Hazel

WOOOO! Another review! Yeahhh.
SO, this time, I bring you a review on the SUPER PINKY HAZEL circle lenses!

Basic Information:
Pinkyparadise has these lenses listed as 14.5mm but I've seen them posted as 14.8 and 15mm and I'm pretty sure it's one of those.

42% Water content

8.6mm base curve~

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So these are the second lenses I've worn from the 6 that I purchased last week. I really love lighter brown lenses because they're still natural looking (ish) but also bright. Unfortunately..I'm not in love with these.

The color is really nice. It's a light brown (hazel) color that shows up decently well in indoor lighting and it's really bright in outdoor lighting or with a flash. Even being bright, the color doesn't look TOO unnatural and it doesn't have a black ring around it which can be both good and bad depending on taste.

Here's what kills it. These lenses are pretty uncomfortable to me. I could only wear them for about 3-4 hours today without them irritating my eye beyond wearing. When I first put them in, I could feel them in both eyes, not just my astigmatism one, but it was tolerable. When I blink, I can feel them sliding around which isn't a pleasant feeling because I have to blink pretty often for them to move back into place. I'm really scared because I purchased 2 other sets of Super Pinky lenses so I'm hoping it was just this lens.

They're pretty big. I've had big lenses before (the i fairy ones I own are 16.2mm) so the enlargement is definitely there and I love the look of how big it is. I'm really unsure if this is why I can feel it on my eyes though...to me that wouldn't make sense since I've owned larger lenses...Either way, there's tons of enlargement here. 

Overall I'd probably give these lenses a 3.5/5 >>



  1. They are so pretty on you!I love how they are only slightly darker than your hair. I have the Super Pinky blues and I don't mean to freak you out(since you bought 2 other pairs and all) but they feel pretty terrible on me. I also have a slight astigmatism in one eye, and I seriously wore them 3 times and I ended up just throwing them out. They like...tickle my eye. I know that sounds so gross but they move a little bit and it gives my eyes this super weird tickling feeling and I hated it. They also gave me headaches because I guess the sensation that it was doing on my eye was straining it or something. Good luck with yours!

    1. They are super pretty and the color shows up really well but they definitely aren't the best feeling. That's the same feeling I had! xD Not gross at all. I don't know if it's just the way these ones are made but they move around and I can feel them when I blink and it's just. IHGUFCJVK Like..it's not "painful" but very uncomfortable. :/
      Thanks! I'm hoping it was just these ones. x___x