[Review] Super Pinky Grey

I did warn you guys about the onslaught of reviews right?! :D

This time I'm bringing you a review on the super pinky greyyyyy. :D

Haven't had grey circle lenses in while so this was a nice change. :)

(also~ Can you guys guess who my make-up is inspired by? :D I definitely don't look like her but it's always fun to try...and also..does anyone ever get notifications when I reply to their comments? D:)

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Basic Info:
14.5mm Diameter
8.6mm Base Curve
42% Water Content
As you can see, the color is SUPER vibrant. It even shows up decently well in indoor lighting. The grey tends to look light purple and light blue as well which is really neat. That's actually one of the things my photographer friend, Kendra, likes about grey lenses. I don't think I've ever had a problem with a grey lens not being  bright but if you're not sure, try these ones out!
Compared to the Hazel ones, these are super comfy! I couldn't feel them on my eyes at all and they actually felt...thinner(?) then the hazel ones but that might just be me. I'm actually wondering if it's because I let my eyes rest so they were able to re moisturize themselves...and it's always good to let your eyes rest anyways. I will definitely try out the hazel ones again after I let my eyes sit for the time being. My eyes probably hate me right now because I was determined to try out all the lenses after I got them so I could make sure none of them had weird defects...I still have one left to open which are the blue ones...*fingers crossed*
I have a comparison picture up there in the collage but, these enlarge quite a bit. On the bottle it says 14.5mm diameter but, to me, they look a bit larger. I really love the enlargement on these (plus the color). They don't have a black circle around them but they do have a slightly darker grey grey that blends in nicely to the main light grey.


  1. You look gorgeous!Wooooah I really like the grey. I'm glad these are more comfy. I sort of wanted to try another pair from this series but I didn't want to spend the money and then have the same problem. And noooo. For normal blogger comments I don't get any notifications about replies back but Disquis tells you when people reply to your comments. Disquis doesn't tell me when people comment on my posts though. I just have to wander through my posts and remember how many comments I have which is pretty annoying.

  2. Absolutely stunning! Love your blog, lovely! Lets follow each other? xx

  3. I love your review and photos! So helpful--thank you! xoxo

  4. Wow, these look gorgeous on you, gray lenses fit you very well!