[Review] Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I've been without a foundation brush for quite a while. Ever since my ecotool brush broke (the bristles came out) I've been without one as I waited for them to send me a replacement. (I sent them a complaint about it, plus a picture, through their website where they have a "contact us" section and they got back to me quickly and were amazing enough to send me a replacement)

So finally, I took my butt to Ulta to purchase some of these Real Technique brushes that I've heard so much about. I already knew that I wanted to get the expert face brush since I LOVE buffing on my liquid/cream/powder foundations. To me, you really only need one brush to rule them all in foundation. That used to be my Ecotools bronzer brush (which I still adore).

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The brush costs $8.99-9.99. I had a 20% off total purchase coupon so I ended up only spending $36 on this brush, the core collection, the blush brush plus a few misc things.

I thought the brush would be a lot bigger then it is. Not too big but a lot bigger then what it actually is. When I saw it in the store I actually started to second guess myself on if it would give me the finish I wanted. I took a leap of faith anyways since that's the reason why I went there in the first place.

The actual brush head is about the size of a quarter (thus the quarter in there), perhaps just a tad larger. The thickness is about the size of a normal mascara with it being just a bit longer then one as well.

The bristles are AMAZINGLY soft and fluffy and I believe the bristles are taklon so it's cruelty free. It's also pretty dense which is great. The brush picks up product and distributes it evenly over my face.

I've used tons of foundation brushes before and this one, plus the ecotools bronzer brush, are my absolute FAVORITES to use as foundation brushes. They can be used with liquids, creams and powders so it's a really all purpose foundation brush.

I'm not too fond of the handle though. The very base is really bulky (since they can stand up) so I have to carry it separately when I go places because I can't just roll it up in my brush roll.

All in all, this brush did not disappoint and I'm SO GLAD I bought it. The small size didn't hinder it's ability to apply my foundation flawlessly. If you don't own this brush, GO GET IT. It's worth every penny. :)

Amazing price!
Perfect for all types of foundation
Distributes evenly
Soft, dense bristles
Fits into the nooks and crannies on your face

Bulky base where it can stand 



  1. That looks realllyyyy soft! I just bought an elf brush and its pretty super nice and wonderfully inexpensive.I don't own many brushes but i'm pretty interested in them. I want to try this!

    1. It's super soft! :) I own a few elf brushes myself but they're all eye brushes since they seem the most common in the stores around me. I haven't had the chance to try out any face brushes from them though. Which one did you get? :3
      You totally should try this brush out! Especially if you can find a coupon or if it's on sale.


  2. OMG!! this is really cute. I'm planning to buy this brush from real techniques too. Thank your for this review.. ;)

    ps.. I love your dresses "cosplay".. pretty!! I'm definitely following you!! ;))