[Review] G&G GBT Sky Blue


 FINALLY. GAWDDD. Lol I wish I had more to review. x__x
I can't wait for my swap so I can review all those products! :D Reviews give me a reason to play dress up and stuff...I really should get out more...>>


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Basic Info:
Diameter: 14.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm

As you can see, I didn't post a "indoor lighting" picture. That's because these lenses looked black in the picture. If someone is there in person than they'll be able to see it..albeit it'll be dark.

Blue lenses always seem to disappoint me. In bright lighting, the color is really nice. A nice light blue. But anything other than that it'll be just a normal blue lens. So unless you're getting a flash to the face or staying in a VERY well lit place, you might as well just not really care what blue lens you wear/get.

Very comfortable. Really satisfied with the comfort aspect of these. They're probably on par with the puffy 3 tone/shinny green which I love.

These are only 14mm so the enlargement isn't there. From the size itself, enlargement probably wasn't the purpose of these lenses. These are just nice as a normal blue lens. No enlargement. Just something to wear for a color change.

Overall...I'm pretty happy with them. They're not the perfect light blue lenses I wanted but they're good enough.

(The contacts I'm wearing in the last picture are my green ones LOL)



  1. I absolutely love this look - your makeup, contacts, and wig look so overwhelmingly cute together <3 And I love your hairstyle in the very last pic~

  2. Nice eyes.^^
    Maybe follow each other???
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  3. Ah!That wig!So cuttee. I have been wanting to see a review for these lenses for quite some time!They are kind of hard to find. These do sort of just look like a normal blue lens. Not particularly bright. They are pretty though.

    1. Thanks! xD They are! I looked for reviews for a while before I purchased these ones but they were also suggested to me by a friend. I think I might get the princess pinky twilight blues which are SUPER BRIGHT. Like..vampire bright. xD But I heard they're a bit uncomfortable. :(

  4. What color is your contacts *_* ^_^ love them