[Review] G&G Angel Ex Black

My new circle lenses came in! I AM SO EXCITE!
I had to buy new ones since I REALLY need to throw out my old ones since they're about a year and a half old. x__x All the ones I bought this time I've never tried before :D

Here's a list of the ones I purchased from PinkyParadise:
G&G Angel Ex Black
G&G GBT Sky Blue
G&G Shinny Green (Puffy 3 Tone)
Super Pinky Grey
Super Pinky Hazel
Super Pinky Violet

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I haven't had blue lenses in a while because I gave up having the perfect light blue lens, buttttt~ I heard really good things about this one so I'm gonna give it a try! 8D I also haven't had a violet lens in a while since, to me, grey can look violet.

This is my first ever black lens! Well..kinda...I did get a pair before but one of them had a defect in it and I was unable to wear them. :( Reviews for ALL of these lenses are coming soon~

They all came wrapped up in a fedex cushion bag! The lenses were wrapped again in foamy stuff while the cases were just left like that. I got a total of 6 pairs since they have the whole "spend $130 get free express shipping". :) I was so excited to open them that I just tore all the foam off...>>

With Black lenses, I don't really think you're going for color pay off, it's more just for the enlarging factor.

Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Conent: 38%

I don't think color is a HUGE factor when it comes to black lenses since it's more for the enlargement. You don't really have to worry (at least for dark eyes) about how well the colors shows up so this part is really irrelevant. 

I can always tell the difference between a new pair and an old pair of contacts. They always just..feel clean. I have astigmatism in my left eye which makes the lenses not fit as well as they should so it does feel a tad weird in that eye but in my "normal eye" there's no discomfort at all. I really think the only reason why it feels weird in my left is because of the astigmatism...but I can't wear astigmatism contacts because they make nauseas.  I'm getting off track. No discomfort during wear except for the small fit problem with my left eye. 

The enlargement is there. It's not a huge enlargement but it's noticeable enough compared to my normal eye. I really wish I had taken a picture... This contact actually looks very natural though. It's not TOO large but it's not small either. I actually quite like it for every day wear.

I'd definitely think about buying another pair after these. Possibly a larger one though.



  1. pretttyyy :D


  2. Your eyes stand out so much with your light hair! I cannot wait to see your review for all these. Most specifically the sky blues.