[Review] Essence Gel Liner "Midnight in Pairs"

Hi again~
Along with my real techniques brushes that I purchased, I also picked up a few essence products since they're so cheap but have been amazing quality from the items that I've picked up in the past~

Maybelline New York's Eyestudio and Ruby Kisses HD gel liner have been my favorite gel liners for about 2 years now. I'm an eyeliner girl. Eyeliner makes my look (along with falsies~). I use pencils, liquid, gels, creams, cakes...basically any type of eyeliner out there, I've used it.

Gel liners are my favorite out of all those to use because of the precision and the finish.
Anyways, I'm rambling. On to the review!

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So this eyeliner costs a whopping $3.49 . Yup, just $3.49 . Which is AMAZINGLY cheap compared the eyestudio which can range from $8.99-12.99.  The ruby kisses gel liner cost about $3.99 as well so both are doing fabulously in the price department. Now, you have to check each eyeliner because essence doesn't put a seal on them so make they aren't tainted.

Now, what you really want to know is, "how good is the damn liner?!"

To keep it short, it's pretty amazing.

Essence's gel liner is exactly that. It's a gel. It's not a cream like the other two even though they're given the name "gel liners". At first scrape, the consistency is a little strange. It might not be what you're used to since it actually is of gel consistency which means it's VERY soft and smooth. The closet thing I can compare it to is the gel food coloring, haha.
The color is super opaque and has a nice almost satin like finish.

Compared to the other two, it's the "darkest" of them. It's not completely matte because it does have some shine to it but you can always apply some eyeshadow over it like I do with all my liners.

How is it with smudging and water you ask?

I'm an eye rubber. Plus a contact wearer so I'm constantly putting eyedrops in, rubbing, touching, etc.
So I put all three two the test. The first one I just rubbed like crazy. My arm was red in person but I guess it didn't pick it up very well. The initial rubbing was after waiting 5 minutes to make sure they were all completely dry.

As you can see, the maybelline one smudged quite a bit while ruby and essence held strong!
After applying water and rubbing away, ruby kisses start to rub off quite a lot while the eyestudio and essence gel liner stayed the same for the most part.

The essence eyeliner did show a bit of wear after the water but for the most part, it held tight and didn't budge! Awhhhsomee. :D

Cheap Price but Quality Product
Water proof
Rub proof
Great pigmentation
Gel consistency

Have to make sure it's not been touched/ no seal
Gel consistency (it's not for everyone)
Satin Finish (once again, not for everyone)

Definitely worth the price!



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