[OOTD] Pin-up inspired adventure time~

My birthday was last month and one of my friends decided to take me out as a late birthday thing since I haven't seen her in forever.
She also decided that since she was driving a bobo car (she got hit a while ago and will be replacing her car shortly) we should compensate for it and dress up. In a pin-up inspired style. With heels.
The place we went is like an outdoor mall. One of those really rich places with only brand stores around. xD It's down the road from a college also so there's tons of little hangout restaurants and stuff.

LET ME TELL YOU. 6 hours walking around in heels is not my thing. I commend the girls who do it. I'm definitely a girl who, when wearing heels, will try my hardest to strut it the whole time and not look in pain..but behind closed doors I'll be crying over my feet. xD

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Dress: Forever 21 (It's actually my friends. xD I was there when she bought it and I almost bought it too. xD She has other pin-up dresses that actually came from a pin-up clothing site..but they were too long on me. D: DAMN HER TALLNESS)

Shoes: Gianni Bini (she bought me these shoes for christmas LOLOL)

HAIR~ I've been improving on my victory roll skills but after my hair cut it kinda threw me off. xD I suddenly had all this hair that couldn't be combed into one of them, haha. I think it came out alright for the most part though...they kinda remind me of bug eyes for some reason...like the magus sisters...

Like that! xD


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