Hair Adventure! Debuting a new cut and color

Living in North Florida, it's a bit hard finding a hair stylist that knows how to do asian hair. I have extremely thick hair that's also course. I also haven't had a trim in like...2 years. xD

Anyways, I finally decided that I should get my hair done! I had become acquaintances with a girl over here who does hair and is also asian (yaye~) so I trusted her with my hair for the past few days.

Now, my hair has ALWAYS given people trouble. At least when it comes to dyeing and cutting. I've almost never gotten the cut I wanted and my hair always turns brassy (I guess they don't realize they have to tone my hair. T__T which I always warn them) anyways~ Here we gooo~

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So, for the most part I went in knowing what color and cut I wanted to get. My hair is pretty dark naturally and it had grown out a good 5 inches since I had last tinted it.
I wanted to go for a light ash brown with highlights so that involved having to bleach my hair.

1st they applied the initial bleach. I had color on the lower half of my hair so it was already lightened but it ended up causing a bit of a hassle.
I sat under the dryer for about 30-40 minutes and out came my hair. BRASSY. ORANGE. ACK.
My roots had lightened a lot quicker then they expected and the color on the bottom part didn't fully lift like expected so I was left with bleach blonde roots and orange hair.

They dyed my hair (since I wanted a light brown color) but it didn't take to my hair like it was supposed to. My ends were still brassy and my roots still blonde so they had to re-dye my roots a shade darker in hopes of leveling it out.

My roots are now an ash brown color while the rest is still brassy. I'll be getting it toned in 2 weeks but for now, it's passable. 

Let's see what I gave them to work with.
I went in with my dark hair

And walked out with this. The bottom left is right when I got home, the bottom right is the next morning. My hair took SO LONG that I had to go back today to get my cut. They told me that, unfortunately, I can't tone today but I could come back in two weeks to get it toned for no extra charge.

So this is what I'm left with for the time being. It doesn't look that bad in these pictures but I'm a bit worried about how it looks in person to other people. xDD I'm pretty content with it though.

I think after I get tired of this hair color I might do something crazy~ like lavender or pink, haha.
I'm also excited to have bangs again because I think they look adorable with ponytails, pigtails, curls, etc. The only bad thing is...they're too short right now to do anything with the bangs itself. xD



  1. this hair color is perfect on you!! ^ ^

    1. Thanks! I think it's a lot more toned down in pictures but I'm hoping after I actually get my hair toned in 2 weeks that it'll look like that in person. xD


  2. This looks really pretty!Guhh I need to dye my hair lighterrrrr.

    1. D: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Your hair is beautiful! And it fits your look perfectly! Then's fun to play with hair and once you go can go any color!


  3. wow you are very pretty! ^^

    followed your blog, hope u could follow mine. :)


    1. Thank you! You're so sweet. :)