Exciting (?) things to come!

Here's a picture of one of my cat's so that this post won't be just text. ;D
So I haven't updated in a little while..which I mean...I'm sure you guys were tired of me updating since I updated every day for about 2 weeks. LOL

BUT! I have two circle lens reviews coming up, I haven't forgotten about them. :) I've just been out of town and left my camera at home so...when I get back they'll be the first things up. Though I had a dream about my green ones...where they had like..an extra ring that was separate from the lens itself...it was strange. I'm getting off track.

I'm planning out a makeup swap with a girl in california~ They have access to a lot of asian cosmetics that I can't get unless I pay a lot of shipping and the like so I'm super excited! :D Though I'm pretty sure she can get anything/everything that I can get too... :(

My mother is also supposedly going back to Hawai'i for a few weeks (leaving me this time :__;) so I know she'll buy me some goodies~

I'll be doing a swap post and a goodies post when I do get the stuff but that leads me to the next thing!

Once I get 50 followers, I'll be hosting a giveaway! Most, if not all, items will be cosmetics or cosmetic related with things like eyelashes, liners, etc. :) Maybe even a few accessories! :D I would do a giveaway right away...but I feel like starting out with less then 50 is a little sad and less fun. xD

I...think that's about all the updates for now?


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