[Review] MUFE HD invisible cover Foundation #127 Dark Sand

If you don't know, I'm a huge believer in trying out foundations at home before buying and I almost never trust one of those counter girls to color match me. LOL
I've had bad experiences where they match me with this horrible dark orange color, so now, I color match myself.

I've been wanting to try out Make up forever's foundation for a LONGGG time and finally got my butt into sephora to ask for a sample.
In the store, I wasn't exactly sure which shade to get, 125 or 127, so I got both. :D (I also got a sample of the full cover concealer in 7)

They put it in super cute little containers where they squirt some in and let you take it home.

I definitely think 125 matches me a lot better. 127 is just a smidgen too yellow. I can possibly see myself wearing 127 now (summer) and 125 during the winter since everyone likes being tan during summer...but I try my best to always wear sunblock, stay inside, etc so I stay the same shade for the most part.

Here's my face without anything in natural lighting. You can see my birthmarks and all the redness from rosecea. (ignore the one hair LOL)

Here's my face in 3 different lightings after I came back from errands. Let me tell you. I felt like I was melting. Florida is SOOOO hot right now. Hot and muggy and there's no breeze to help. x__x blech.

Here's some yellow lighting~

Some..inbetween? xD

and some white fluorescent lighting which I think mimics natural lighting?
(Also wearing the concealer in 7)
So as you can see, it held up really nicely in the hot, muggy mess that is Florida. I love the finish of this foundation as it doesn't look too heavy and you can almost not tell it's even there.

Amazing Finish
Lasts throughout the day with little touchups
Awesome Coverage
Not cakey or heavy
Good color selection

Pretty pricy ($42 a bottle)

That really is the only con I can think of at the moment. I LOVE this foundation and I probably will splurge to get it. 

Review on 125 and concealer coming soon~



  1. wow its amazing,thanks just want 2 know exactly which colour/shade did u use?

    1. I ended up going with #125 Sand. I think it's a perfect match for me since I have a neutral skin tone. :)

  2. If i wear HD foundation#125, could i use full cover concealer#7?

    1. Yes! If I remember correctly...it was a bit on the yellow side but it's fine when I blended it out.

      Though I may personally be switching to 118 since 125 is a bit too dark for me right now.

  3. Do u use 125 now a days? If yes what are some of ur favourite lipsticks?

    1. Hello~

      Yes! I now jump back and forth between 118 and 125 but for most of the year, I'm a 125.
      Hmm...i guess it really depends...as far as nudes go I always lean more towards pink nudes. My current favorites are MUFE N9, Mirabellas Rosy Rouge and Shiseidos p19.
      As far as reds go...I love a dark red lip.