Missha M Perfect BB Cream 21 Light Beige and 2 Natural Beige

With my Missha Haul came a free birthday gift of a travel size bb cream in 21 Light beige~
I normally wear 23 since that's the one that I first purchased like...2 years ago and I still haven't run out of LOL.
I LOVE BB cream. It's the perfect on-the-go foundation that you can apply with just your hands.

I haven't tried any other BB creams so I can't really say this is my FAVORITE since I have nothing to compare it to, haha. But I'm hoping to change that really soon.

Both shades blend in and match my skin just fine though 23 Natural Beige is still the one I'll use more often just because I tan so well so I can only wear lighter shades when I haven't been out in a while. xD


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