Missha Haul + Freebies Galore~

Every year around your birthday a few companies will give you perks. I know Sephora does it (this year they're giving out mini Fresh lip treatment duos. 1 in Rose and the other in Lip Treatment), Ulta does it as well...I believe most make-up stores will do it. Missha this year (I'm not sure if it's every year or a different gift each year) was giving out travel sizes of their Perfect Cover BB cream in 21 Light Beige.

The down side is, you have to pay $8 for shipping which is ridiculous. I posted on their facebook about it and they mentioned to me that a sale would be coming my way. OKAYYYY.

The next day, everything was 30% off so I decided "mehh, why not?" And this is what I boughtttt.

A few of the products I wanted were out of stock so I ended up having to find a few last minute products.

The Premium Silk-Feel Cotton Puff

First up, the silk feel cotton puff. I read that they're out of stock most of the time so I was lucky enough to snag a few. I purchased 2 packs at $3.49 each. Regular price is $4.99 and it comes with 80 pieces in each.

Description: MISSHA Silk Feel Cotton Puff is made up double cotton sheets to keep it's original shape after using and leaves soft and light touch on the skin.

They have a little sample one taped onto the box that you can touch and try out?
It is indeed very soft, I applied some toner to it and it worked as a cotton puff should.

Perfect Brush Cleaner

Sale price $11.19, Regular price $15.99. 

Description: "Containing botanical soothing and cleaning ingredients, it cleanses off impurities and makeup residues on the brush and makes your makeup clean. It lengthens brush's life, keeping its own shape"

The directions are normal brush cleaner directions. You pour some in a bowl, soak your brushes, rinse off. 
The scent itself isn't horrible, a lot better than the japonesque one imo which has a horrid pinesol smell that lingers. I just cleaned my brushes and so far it works amazingly~ Though there's not that much product so I'm not sure if it's worth it's price.

Left: Art designing Make-up fix. Sale: $8.39, Reg: $11.99
Right: Art Designing Silky Boomer. Sale: $9.09, Reg: $12.99

The style art designing make-up fix. 80ml.
This is a spray on make-up fix that's sprayed on after applying makeup and it's supposed to make your look last longer. The description basically says that it's a powder mixture (with liquid) that creates a coating over your face. You're supposed to shake it (to mix) then spray, about 15-20 cms away, onto your face then pat. The product itself is a lot smaller then I thought. It's a bit taller than a sample sized hair product with the same volume. The container is super cute though, it's pink with what looks like snowflakes on it and the actual product is a milky white. Review to come later~

The style art designing pore silky boomer. 30 ml.
First off, NOT a lot of product. The container is a bit shorter than an airhead and maybe if you stacked 2-3 on top of each other...that's how big it is.

Description: Pore control boomer to form a shield on uneven skin for flawless and sleek skin.
The product is a white silky cream that when blended into the skin, it becomes matte. Smells a bit like their lipgloss. I doubt I'll buy again just because of it's size. Will review. :)

Make-up Double eyelid tape. Sale $1.74, Reg: $2.49.

One of my eyes like's looking wonky when I'm tired so I like to have some tape on hand. :) there's 10 pairs on each page, and 2 pages in each container, so 40 stickers.

I'm not sure what the small one is...I think it's the MISA Golden snowflake?


My mother is a huge freebie junkie and a couponer so all of these things are my daily loot through her. :D

That's a fullsized x-out, some biotrue..blah blah blah.
All of these were COMPLETELY free. No shipping or anything. :)

Reviews to come for some of these products. :)


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